Stalagmite sculptures

14Black_1.jpg Artist Tofer Chin installed 14 monolithic black stalagmites—"living and breathing souls, ghosts, spirits, voids, shadows"—in Rio de Janeiro's Parque Lage. [Coolhunting]


  1. It also doubles as a way to discourage people from bouldering up that rock. Yikes.

  2. When I saw the rock (the one with the green stuff on), I thought: Parque Lage. Then I read the caption, and much to my surprise it was exactly that magical place. I used to play there when I was a kid, and it had a very, very nice natural “lost civilization” feel to it.

    It is unfortunate that this “artist” just managed to screw that great place up. Knowing Rio, though, if people don’t like it, they will find a way to boycott the display (read: take away some parts, piss on it… :-) )I guess Parque Lage was “too natural” to be in the middle of the city…

  3. Why do I keep expecting to see monkeys come clambering down over that rock and brandishing clubs to the strains of Richard Strauss?

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