The courtship dance of the peacock spider

These tiny jumping spiders are surprisingly cute up close, and have some really beautiful coloring. But I can't help but hear the narration from Rob's video of the common douche playing in my head during parts of this.

Submitterated by serpent


  1. Even more amazing would be the video of the common douche with this narration about the peacock spiders :-)

  2. Needs the soundtrack from “Saturday Night Fever”: spidery disco! “Stay’in Alive” indeed!

    Notice how fast these guys are? Even on film they simply disappear between frames. They move so fast they’re invisible to the naked eye – just like The Flash! It’s mostly done with hydraulics: valves are pre-set in the joints and then, when it’s time to make the planned move a bladder in the tummy is squeezed to zip off at the speed of sound. There’s another spider that can vibrate into invisibility in place in its web. That’s OK against those with only two eyes but their nemesis Hunting Wasp has too many eyes to fool that way: at any given moment at least a couple of dozen eyes will be firing.

  3. Which is safer: sitting in spider-infested woods in Australia, or injecting cyanide directly into your eyeball?

    You be the judge.

  4. It’s good to be reminded that humans aren’t the only species that goes crazy with this stuff.

  5. Didn’t Arthur C. Clarke in one of the Rama series have an space species called an “octospider” that communicated via color? (perhaps the author knew of these particular spiders..?)

  6. Wow, what a stunning display! The mating dance can be such a pretty thing. Sadly, though, this isn’t always so. (Take your pick of examples.) I nearly lost my lunch yesterday, sitting in the garden, *minding my own business,* when these two mosquitoes dropped down in front of me, anus to anus, obviously drunk, woozy and weaving through the air, shameless in their disgusting, unwelcome, public display of reproduction. Vile little beasts without a thought beyond sex, and sucking blood. Enough to make a girl long for the days of municipal malathion treatments. (Actually, no. Herbal Armor does the trick, I’ve just yet to stock up for the swarm season that is, apparently, immediately upon us.)

  7. Me: Pale, petite blond with dark eyes, eager to meet that ideal male. A little jumpy but ready to be entranced by you.

    You: A master of the bi-lateral leg raise and blessed with deeply furred pedipalps. Your vibrating abdomen is guaranteed to drive me wild.

    Us: Let’s look deeply into each others eyes and find our future there: will it be the branch or the brunch?

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