The Starlighter Quartet


I'm hopping in my Peel P50 and heading over to the Biltmore Motor Hotel to see The Starlighter Quartet tonight. Check out those handmade guitars!

Here's the same photo without the text around it.


  1. This family should be the basis for a horror movie similar to “The Devil’s Rejects” except set in space.

  2. I believe the guy on the left is Dave Bunker, guitarist, luthier, and inventor, and that thing in the middle is an early version of his Touch Guitar.

    About 12 years ago, his shop was near my house, and I dropped in one day with my 3-year-old son, just hoping to have a peek. He was very generous with his time, played the Touch Guitar for us, and gave us a tour of the shop. Nice man, but he did have a weird beard in the 70s.

  3. Is there an emoticon for “jaw hits floor?”

    Were fashions like that why the country was so desperate to vote Ronald Reagan into office at the end of the 70s? Like they’d seen a taste of a horrifying future and threw out a reality anchor to prevent a Big Hair Singularity?

  4. What planet is this on? In Vancouver, BC the hippest room in town is at the Biltmore, I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see a band like this there, opening for Acid Mothers Temple, for instance.

  5. There’s a place for the preservation of those female hair styles…it is called East Texas.

  6. The combination bass-zither (or lap steel?) in the center may be hand made, but I believe those others were a small run commercial brand back in the 80’s, I can’t recall the name but I remember seeing them in an old copy of the Guitar Blue Book.

    1. Are you implying you think that *they* pulled the look off? ;)

      My favorite part is that the guy on the left is defying all conventions by only buttoning the bottom button on his jacket. The guy on the right is doing it right, with the top button only (one should never have the bottom button buttoned). It’s common to see people button both or all buttons because they don’t know, but rarely do you see someone just doing the bottom one!

  7. HEY! Hey!! This is soooo un cool, ye commenters?

    Did they not create? Did they not perform?

    What more would you have our ancestors do???

    As ridiculous as they may seem: the were cooler in their time than you are in yours.

    At the very least give them props for bravery. . .

    1. Chillax, Joe. Five will get you ten that the people in these photos look back on them now and laugh and/or wince a little.

  8. Comment # 21: Absolutely correct. Yours is the best comment.

    Comment # 4: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

    Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.

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