Tracklist for William Shatner's upcoming album "Searching for Major Tom"


"The song line up for 'Searching for Major Tom' has been announced. is happy to report that the album due out later in 2011 on the Cleopatra Records label will have the following songs..."

I've heard his "Iron Man," from an iPhone video captured in the studio by a friend during the recording session. This thing is gonna rule.

(thanks, Paul Camuso)


  1. Tangentially related: If you love Shatner then you will be interested in knowing that his Tek-War teries is not available on Netflix for streaming.

  2. I don’t know, man. HAS BEEN was so goddamn brilliant. This track listing looks like some serious shark jumping.

    1. Shatner has jumped over so many sharks that, at least as far as HIS career goes, the term has lost all meaning.

      Can’t wait to hear this. :D

  3. Tangentially related: Shatner RULES!

    I hope we get stuff that’s as good as “Common People” from his Has Been album.

    1. You might want to consider his self-mocking role (complete with rapping the Bard) in Free Enterprise and his great role as Denny Crane on Boston Legal if you think everything post Hooker is not good.

      1. “if you think everything post Hooker is not good”

        I think the insider Shatner jokes were funny for about 30-seconds back in 1983,
        but twenty eight years later, after hearing my 9000th Shatner joke, I’m kinda done.

        I do recall seeing him being sassy and smoking a cigar in
        one or two “Boston Legal” episodes, but I was not impressed.
        I DO think his biggest strengths are in radio and TV voice-overs
        and his Priceline spots are classic. As far as this new album of
        his goes, I personally think it’s potentially embarrasing
        for Shatner and his adoring fans – though embarrassment
        is a rare commodity these days

    1. omg, i can hear him singing steve miller’s “space cowboy” already in my head…

      I wonder if there’s a treatment for that.

  4. More importantly, can anyone “Name that Ep” in the picture? I’m guessing it’s Trouble with Tribbles. (Xeni, don’t tell!)

  5. Nothing touches, imo, his call-out at the end of “Mr. Tambourine Man.”
    Maybe Brandon De Wilde yelling “Shane!”

  6. Has Been was great because of Ben Folds. This has, for one, Michael Schenker of the Scorpions. I guess it’s back to liking Shatner albums ironically.

  7. Another vote for Has Been. Ben Folds, of course, but Shatner’s spoken word rants harken back to the beat poetry of the 50s & 60s and work wonderfully with Folds.

    Looking forward to this.

  8. “I Can’t Get Behind That” with Henry Rollins on “Has Been” was a fun track…

    We’ll see how this one pans out.

  9. Crazy. I did a karaoke version of Space Oddity in the voice of Shatner a few years ago (I can’t carry a tune to save my life and I couldn’t think of any other way to do it). Wonder if he’ll do it the same way I did him doing it.

  10. I tend to imagine that, somewhere in his vast estate, Shatner has a small tank full of little sharks that he has placed between the sofa and the bathroom door.

  11. Learning To Fly Originally By Pink Floyd – Edgar Froese From Tangerine Dream Has Played Guitar And Keyboards On This Track.

    Guys, there is a god and Bill Shatner is her prophet.

    It would be good to get a cameo by Rollins.

    Look, he sees what Rebecca Black does… OMG, autotuned Shatner. OMG, he needs to sing _Fridays_

  12. Man Nothing beats his “Getting down with the Clown” “I am BOZO!”
    bought that cd and died on the way to work!

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