Vintage Soviet science and space illustration


9 Responses to “Vintage Soviet science and space illustration”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like MagLev. And the lower monorail is sporting an American Airlines livery.

  2. Drabula says:

    Oh yeah, that’s some serious наючный pr0n!

  3. jphilby says:

    Despite everything, very optimistic times those.

    Unfortunately, the leadership of both countries had something a little more Vader in mind.

  4. DieFem says:

    Awesome. A clear reflection of a romantic epoch driven by ideals. Evil or not, distorted or not, but ideals.

  5. Pantograph says:

    Three words: Jet Powered Train.

  6. halfacre says:

    Thanks, Cory for making my day. I would visit the city by the sea, if it existed, especially if they parked a sliced-up iceberg nearby. The iceberg could surely be used to chill freshly sucked-up schools of fish. The future used to be great.

    Not quite sure what’s happening to the whale on p3, but it’s probably not good.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Knowing what happens on a cruise ship when the power goes out, I think we were fortunate nobody tried to build a giant floating city stuffed full of people… it would have quickly turned to a stinking, festering, disease-ridden, crumbling, sinking mess.

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