Vintage Soviet science and space illustration

This site collects vintage Soviet space and science illustrations; most appear to come from old children's books. They're eerily similar to American illos from the same era -- both empires believing that they were rocketing to a space-age, hypermodernist, Tomorrowland/Rollerball future.

Russian Science Illustrations from the 60's and 70's (Thanks, Shopsinc!)


  1. Despite everything, very optimistic times those.

    Unfortunately, the leadership of both countries had something a little more Vader in mind.

  2. Awesome. A clear reflection of a romantic epoch driven by ideals. Evil or not, distorted or not, but ideals.

  3. Thanks, Cory for making my day. I would visit the city by the sea, if it existed, especially if they parked a sliced-up iceberg nearby. The iceberg could surely be used to chill freshly sucked-up schools of fish. The future used to be great.

    Not quite sure what’s happening to the whale on p3, but it’s probably not good.

  4. Knowing what happens on a cruise ship when the power goes out, I think we were fortunate nobody tried to build a giant floating city stuffed full of people… it would have quickly turned to a stinking, festering, disease-ridden, crumbling, sinking mess.

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