The Fine Bros. recap every episode of Doctor Who ever

[Video Link]. I suppose I should state the obvious: spoilers!

(thanks, Mark Day)


  1. United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, please.
    The majority of episodes aren’t even referenced. Keys of Marinus? Invasion of the Dinosaurs?
    I really do need to see the Return of the Master trilogy, because their summary is a bit confused.

  2. They only attempted to recap “the show” not the episodes; only a couple actual stories are even described. Darn, I was looking forward to seeing how they recapped 770 episodes in 6 minutes.

  3. Yeah, not a recap of all the episodes, just the highlights.

    Also, the two are completely wrong about the fifth doctor, his stories were the best of all of them… nobody should have been bored, and the doctor shouldn’t have been singled out for the negative comment (compared to, say, Six and Seven who both had awful stories)

  4. Impressive, but perhaps they might want used more of their 6 minutes on the old Doctor Who rather than recapping episodes that have not aired yet.

    Personally, I like Neil Gaiman’s take on what someone new to the series needs to know:

    “…there’s a blue box. It’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. It can go anywhere in time and space and sometimes even where it’s meant to go. And when it turns up, there’s a bloke in it called The Doctor and there will be stuff wrong and he will do his best to sort it out and he will probably succeed cos he’s awesome. Now sit down, shut up, and watch ‘Blink’.”

    1. That’s pretty much exactly how I describe it to everyone I know. Although it took a little more convincing for my boyfriend to come over to the Doctor’s side. He got a little tired of my brother, father and I always talking about the show when we’d go out to lunch, so he started to watch it, just to understand what the hell we were talking about. Now, about two years later, he’s more obsessed than I am… barely.

      Can’t wait for the new season to start next week!

  5. Agreed, this isn’t every episode, just the show in general. I’d love a recap of every episode, or at least every serial.

    Since they set for themselves a much more reasonable goal than recaping every episode, the timer schtick doesn’t really work and the bluster at the beginning is kind of hollow. I mean, it’s not really that much of a feat guys, why are you making such a big deal out of it?

  6. Sad that they recapped so few episodes, more sad that some of those recaps were wrong.

    Still, love their enthusiasm.

  7. I have seen many episodes of Doctor Who and consider this video an insult to my intelligence, the show, and the genre. I have never been so disgusted. Good day, Sir!

  8. Ahh, no. Bad post title. For ‘every episode’, replace with, ‘every season’.

    “Pond, put on some trousers.”

  9. I love the intention, but can’t help but notice the disproportionate attention to the recent doctors. C’mon — only 20 seconds on Tom Baker, but a full minute on Matt Smith?

  10. For Dr Who fans who somehow missed these a few weeks ago, there was a mini-episode done for BBC Comic Relief Night. It’s pretty brilliant, an is available by the BBC on YouTube:

    Part 1: Time

    Part 2: Space

  11. Having only really been a fan since the new series and Christopher Eccleston’s doctor, I can say I was disappointed when they killed off the ninth doctor and replaced him with David Tennant, but Tennant grew on me immediately. When they replaced him with Matt Smith, I felt the same disappointment, but he has not grown on me so quickly.

    I don’t even think it’s Smith’s fault, I feel the stories he’s been given to work with so far have been weak. The only one I’ve really liked so far has been “Vincent and the Doctor”.

    I share just because I know everyone cares about my opinion on this.

    1. I firmly believe that all of the actors playing the Doctor have done well.

      Even Colin Baker. (Who got stuck as the fall guy for a hostile BBC management that was trying everything they could to end the show. Including keeping the show from being able to afford a good writer.)

      Anyway, I like Smith better than the last two. He’s much more alien and quirky. But I’m old. I grew up on “weirdo alien Doctor” and “sexy cool guy Doctor” never sat right with me.

      1. I also like Smith better than the last two, but I think a lot of that has to do with the writing now that Moffat’s in charge. No more forced romance, fewer pop culture references, more of a calm, clever Doctor than a dramatic, wildly emotional one. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Davies and Tennant, but the 11th Doctor episodes feel a little more grown-up, like they’re trying for more mood and atmosphere with fewer gimmicks and cliches… except the “we only changed them to sell new toys” Dalek redesign, anyway. I feel like Smith’s more subdued performance fits the character much better, and even though it’s apparently supposed to make him less human-like, I actually relate to him a lot more than the previous two.

    2. I actually agree. I was sad when Eccleston was gone, but Tennant was really a breath of fresh air. He was dynamic, clever and not to mention, easy on the eyes. Pretty sure I cried when he regenerated, even though I knew it was coming. I like Matt Smith, but he really can’t replace David Tennant for me. But I do think a lot of the problem is the stories he’s been given. They seem oddly dark for a first season, and a little confused in some parts.

      Here’s to hoping for some better writing this coming season, so I can like Smith a bit more. Until then, I’m going back to say hello to Rose and Martha.

  12. Ok, I’ve said it before (er, in other, nerdier forums), but I’ll repeat it here (completely in agreement with @tylerkaraszewski): Eccleston brought something amazing to the series, and though I was worried about Tennant, he proved to be engaging and wonderful. Matt Smith, boyishly charming tho he may be, is a little boring? Yes? Maybe it’s NOT his fault, but I feel like I slept through a fair bit of his season. Is it unreasonable of me to suggest that dedicated Dr Who fans may want to see an older, less Tiger Beaty, maybe crankier Doctor? I suggest for the next time round the person who would make the greatest Doctor of the modern era: Ade Edmondson. I’m not even joking: someone call his agent.

  13. The post title over-promises. This is a recap of every Doctor Who ever, not every Doctor Who *episode* ever.

    The Which Doctor Are We Up To Now progress bar at the bottom makes this pretty clear.

  14. I seriously doubt that this recap would make a lick of sense to anyone who wasn’t already a Doctor Who fan. But I enjoyed it.

  15. Anyone notice how The Doctor seems to get younger each time he regenerates?

    Tom Baker fan here!

  16. It’s more fantasy than “sci-fi”, but you know it’s great because it’s basically a format you can drop some silly stories in, thought-provoking ones, scary ones and even goddamn tearjerkers. There’s a bit of rogues gallery, and a heap of tropes, but it’s not like they have to stick to what’s been established in the past, because, you know, magic box, time lord, sonic screwdriver, etc. Retcons are the order of the day.

    It could be a mess (and sometimes it is) but more often than not the actors pull it off pretty well. There’s not been one bad actor playing the Doctor, I would’ve liked to have seen McGann do a bit more but it wasn’t to be (although he has done a few audiobooks).

    I got a bit tired of Davies’ indulgences while he was running the show (yay! He brought the Sontarans back! boo! he turned them into football hooligans!) but for the most part it’s worked out pretty well, especially with the Matt Smith eps.

    Of the older doctors, I’m tied between Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy. But as I said, they’re all good.

  17. I thought it was pretty well done, doesn’t have to cover *everything* to give you a decent overview. Watching all of the earlier episodes is a bit out of reach for most people, to put it mildly. Here they focused on bits of the earlier story that are relevant to the new (2005-forward) episodes.

    I agree with those expressing doubts about Matt Smith’s episodes. The comment that someone felt like they slept through most of his episodes is apt – there’s something missing making the whole thing less engaging somehow. I think Matt Smith is fine as the Doctor (although he seems to channel David Tennant frequently rather than doing his own thing), but the writing isn’t as good (for the most part – there *were* some great episodes).

    Also, I really don’t like the character River Song. I’m hoping her story gets finished pretty soon. She’s given too much attention (taking it away from the gorgeous – and interesting – character of Amy Pond, whose story got majorly shafted to make room for River Song) and I just don’t like her. All of the other companions from the new episodes are very likable, each in their own way, but River Song isn’t. And I just can’t believe that the Doctor would actually marry her considering he’s so good at finding *likable* women to go around with him!

    The concept of her character is fine, and an interesting time-travel twist. I just don’t like the way she’s written and portrayed (and that name is awful).

  18. Re: comment number 4. I don’t think they said they were BORED during Doctor 5’s era, but that they were BORN during that era. LOL!!

    Loved this. You guys so rock for pulling this off.

  19. Some of the above comments clearly are from long time viewers. I never watched Dr. Who and now because of this spoiler by Fine Bros a group of us watched it and it was like..

    ‘ did i miss out on this all these years. It is incredible…’

    Step back and get the set and setting right for a comedy sketch like this.

    This is brilliant. It is hilarious and remember I had never seen one episode of the show and it was this video that drew me in. I could care less about a mistake or they should have done this or that.

    This is comedy not a documentary history of the show.

    Whoever at BBC figured out that they should use the Fine Brothers is one smart savvy person.

    I am not a kid either. Hilarious Thank you

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