More watch-part motorcycles

If you enjoyed yesterday's post about Dkart71's motorcycles made from watch parts, you're sure to enjoy Brazilian artist Blancosur's similar pieces.

Motos feitas de peças de relógios/Small motorcycles-watch parts


  1. Kind of surprised you like motorcycles Cory, seeing as you advocated using monofilament stretched across the road as a way of dealing with noisy exhausts in another article.

    Perhaps it’s only the toy ones though eh?

    1. Yeah, only the toy ones. Or the ones that weren’t designed to annoy entire neighborhoods at a time.

    2. I did no such thing. I said that the sound of loud motorcycles made me fantasise about strangling their riders. That does not equate to advocating that someone do such a thing. I also sometimes fantasise about electrocuting people who blast bassy speakers in the middle of the night — that doesn’t mean I actually think this would be a good idea. One characteristic of adulthood is the capacity to understand that one’s atavistic urges are not the basis of a sound policy.

  2. I want one where the watch action slowly moves the motorcycle forward. And Cory likes anything that resembles a watch.

  3. The rake and short wheelbase would make that one ill-handling watch.

    Having been knocked off a motorcycle by a rope stretched between trees while trail riding back in the ’70s, I don’t take kindly to any such reference. Public land and a nearly silent 125cc 4-stroke, btw. Luckily, I was standing.

  4. Oo, was I removed?

    I’m not trying to pick a fight Mr Doctorow, honestly. I do understand that you had no plans to actually do that. I was just a bit upset when I read the original remark and it has rather coloured my view of you since. Maybe it was the realization that even great writers occasionally say crass and stupid things, just like the rest of us.

    I think my dig up there was some sort of attempt to redress the balance for me so that I could just get back to liking you.

    Meh, you probably won’t even read this, or you’ll remove it again :p

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