Nottingham Hackspace loses home, needs £2000 for deposit on new place


9 Responses to “Nottingham Hackspace loses home, needs £2000 for deposit on new place”

  1. rebdav says:

    They take from the rich and give to the poor.

  2. ScienceMikey says:

    Where’s Robin Hood when you need him? Seriously, good luck!

  3. burritoflats says:

    £2000 is, like about $3700 dollars? And you build Rube Goldberg machines and teach people to solder and do cupcake challenges? Sorry, wish I could spare the cash. Good luck, tho!

  4. ultranaut says:

    It’s money well spent, even if it’s on seemingly inane and frivolous things. People who hang out in hackerspaces are teaching and learning at the cutting while doing weird and wondrous things.
    You will tell your grandkids about it, you might even tell them you met their grandmother at a hackerspace. They are great “3rd places” to grow sustainable communities that can transform into city-wide rebirths of radical civility. It’s the simple things that can bring and hold talent together, but once it’s there amazing things can happen.

    • burritoflats says:

      It sounds like what some hippies and the Diggers and various communes did in the late 60s and 70s. Some of those innovative outfits are still active. Hackerspace conjures up visions of Bucky Fuller and the work of Stewart Brand

  5. Sayes says:

    If they cant raise the funds they can set up camp in the sherwood forest.

  6. dr says:

    Rube Goldberg? Not Heath Robinson?

  7. Lucifer says:

    It seems to me that with a little bit of business expertise they could market themselves pretty successfully. I’m sure lots of parents would love to send their kid to a place like this to learn skills that makes engineering and science/math fun. I’m also sure adults would love to come and participate and pay their way.

  8. ultranaut says:

    This sounds like an awesome use of money. Tiny capital deployed!

    Sure would be nice if my fundraising endeavor were posted here, or even acknowledged as submitted to the Boing Boing collective.

    P.S. Hi Cory!

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