21 Responses to “Bert”

  1. Egypt Urnash says:

    What happened to his arms?

  2. EH says:

    One of us! One of us!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why must the eyes *always* be bloodshot in these un-toonings??

  4. HeatherB says:

    Is it Happy Bert Day on Boing Boing?

    H-is for Horror!

  5. the lurch says:

    Ha! But that looks like a pair of eyebrows there…Bert has a full-on unibrow. Otherwise it’s a great rendering.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Unibrow” is a derogatory and insulting term. We prefer the designation of “single browed” to describe the immaculate and transcendent phenomenon of two brows coming together to meet in the center of one’s brow. For centuries, “unibrows” have been used to depict characters of a nefarious temperament, or beset by madness, or as irritable roommates. Well, no more! My brothers and sisters of the single brow! Now is the time to reclaim our birthright as the sole heir to this miraculous, glorious and unimpeded strip of hair. Be warned, there are those that would shave, tweeze, and dare i say it, even wax away our mark. These are our comrades, but their spirit has been broken by a society which mocks and defames our legacy. The revolution starts here. We will hide no more! Let your “third eye cozy” grow long and strong and keep it real in the middle…

  6. PeaceNerd says:

    Wow. That’s really weird to see Bert with no arms.

  7. Victor Drath says:

    This is wrong. Some things should just not be.

  8. Shibi says:

    Yech! Skin-Bert is scary. I think I prefer Felt-Bert. I know that my younger, more impressionable self would definitely have preferred Felt-Bert. (Skin-Bert looks like a creepy neighbor from down the street, you know… that weird one that always wears the same outfit and lives with that other guy, Ernie.)

  9. blueelm says:

    This is my favorite so far of all the “un-tooned” renderings. You know what would be better though is if this were a hyper-realistic sculpture.

  10. Beezy says:

    Unicorn chaser, please.

  11. sweetcraspy says:

    Bert’s skin is yellow. Needs more jaundice. Otherwise, spot on!

  12. Donald Petersen says:

    Tonight’s Nightmare: this Bert “Doin’ The Pigeon.”

  13. Teller says:

    Tod Browning approves.

  14. License Farm says:

    In high school I drew a pic of what I thought Bert & Ernie would look like as people. My rendering was not quite so terrifying. Muppet eyes are not meant to be approximated with actual anatomy!

  15. Muse says:

    It doesn’t have arms because it is just a sculpted bust made by a talented sculptor named Nacho Diaz. Scroll to the bottom of this linked page to see the original clay sculpture. There are more views of the finished silicone version too.

    He also has a Miss Piggy costume on his Myspace page.

  16. psychicwhoosh says:

    One red bow away from being Zippy the Pinhead.

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