Hysterical bubbles! (original) [Video LInk]


  1. Oh my gods that child is amused…
    and that dog is sooo gonna have the runs later on.
    And I bet if you could ask that dog, he’d tell you it was SO worth it.

  2. Cute and all, but I was kind of wincing when the bubbles floated close to the kid. Add the snapping jaws of a distracted dog to the soft skin of a toddlers face….ughh, don’t wanna dwell on it.

    Kid has a great laugh though!

    1. Add the snapping jaws of a distracted dog to the soft skin of a toddlers face….ughh, don’t wanna dwell on it.

      Oh please, do you just look for reasons to be fearful? Dogs don’t do stuff “on accident.”

      1. To be fair, if he wasn’t raised around dogs, he probably has no idea about them. In general, dogs are the most protective of children next to their parents.

        The only dogs I feel uneasy about are those breeds used in fighting. The traits they are bred for counter those of domestication. (not that every dog is dangerous, nor that training can’t make a huge difference).

      2. Wow, thanks for the completely uncalled-for dressing down. What was I thinking, of COURSE dogs are completely infallible! And I’m not sure what the “on accident” was all about; perhaps you were trying to insult my level of intelligence? Again, thank you! I totally deserved that.

        For the record, I’ve lived around dogs for a good portion of my life, and I have, on several occasions, seen them do some dumb things.

        I know, I know – I’m a monster.

    2. Add the snapping jaws of a distracted dog to the soft skin of a toddlers face….ughh, don’t wanna dwell on it.

      This happens at my house all the time but thus far it’s always been the toddlers who bite the dog. (She has marvelous maternal instinct and a healthy dose of puppy patience.)

  3. This is always a fun activity for kids & dogs, but in my experience you can’t overdo it or the dog will get to the point where he’s foaming at the mouth with soap bubbles and get so put off by the taste that he’ll never do it again.

    On the other hand food scraps never get old, which is why both my toddlers have lately taken to hurling food at the dog from their high chairs purely for the entertainment value.

    1. Maybe they’re bacon bubbles. My dog didn’t like them, but if this is a real problem for you, you should check them out.

  4. Tried bubbles on my brother’s cat, a few months ago. She was fascinated, watching the bubble drift down and then vanish as it hit the floor… she seemed to believe it was somehow going through the floor. Definite “I don’t believe it — do that again” reaction.

    Haven’t tried it on my own fuzzbutts yet.

    1. Somehow I parsed that as “Fucking babies. How do they work?” and couldn’t stop laughing.

  5. I’ve seen flavored bubbles sold at pet stores. Because anything is funnier when it tastes like peanut butter.

  6. In addition to being unbearably cute, the fact that this baby finds the dog’s antics so hysterical really says something about infant cognition. I’m no expert, but I find it amazing that the baby seems to understand why the dog snapping at bubbles is so funny. She seems to recognize the futility of the dog’s efforts, to be aware that the dog is chasing something it can never get. Miraculous, the human mind.

  7. I am SO going to get some bubble soap on the way home.

    My dog stalks and tries to grab flies and moths. This will give her something achievable to hunt.

    1. Why is it always “with pliers”. What the hell else would you use? When you go to the dentist – what do they use? Fancy pliers.

  8. Mommy, what happened to my right hand?

    Well, Cindy, one day when you were very little, I was making a video of Rex eating bubbles to boost my internet karma levels. As you were reaching out to touch a bubble, Rex bit your hand off.


  9. Bwah!

    Now that I have heard this infant guffaw, I cannot think of a more desirable ringtone.

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