UK gov't launches terrorism-attack dashboard contest

Glyn sez, "The UK government has launched a competition to improve gathering and analysing publicly available data to gain an understanding of current events": "The aim of this competition is to stimulate development of innovative tools that allow the collection and analysis of live data streams in real time in order to identify trends, build a common picture and monitor, manage and influence events as they occur. INSTINCT is particularly interested in applying these tools to the analysis and management of terrorist incidents." (Thanks, Glyn!)


  1. Interesting juxtaposition with the article above about Canada banning just this sort of publicly available data on election night.

  2. Ummmm The UK government are looking for an application to track large events from internet based information? Large events like the March 26th riots, which were mainly organised online? And they’re going to get us to do it? Fuck them.

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