XKCD's Tetris Heaven for real

The XKCD strip Heaven depicted a Tetris version that would drop irregularly shaped pieces that were perfectly structured to fill all the voids in the tetrisbed. Gud magazine responded by implementing this in Flash: a Tetris version that drops these eminently satisfying tetroids from time to time. They feel goooooood.

Heaven (via Super Punch)


  1. It’s not nearly as generous as it first seems – it quite often generates shapes that are capped at too low a level for them to actually fit, instead propping themselves up on the top points of your current stack. :(

  2. Not perfect. I had a usual big setup and the heaven piece was off by one on the left part, making a big mess that took a long time to clean up. That was my very first heaven piece evar. subsequent heaven pieces worked as advertised.

  3. Nice, but it would actually be cool, if you could rotate the tiles. I’ve pressed every button, but nothing works.

  4. Be nice if it worked a bit more reliably. It keeps forgetting about the top row of squares and then I get what would be a perfect fit perched one square up from where I need it. Grr.

    1. Sorry about that—I was pretty sleep-depped by the time I published it, and was half thinking that bug was a nice feature. ;) I’ve fixed it, and am more seriously considering that that bug may have been a nice feature…. :/

  5. So awesome. Probably my favorite tetris game yet. One small bug: you can still slide pieces after space.
    You can also rotate heaven pieces that you can’t rotate back, but that’s your (my) dumb fault for rotating them. :)

  6. I think I just won, because the game restarted.

    It’s actually quite clever. You have to develop a new strategy. Instead of building a certain structure and waiting for a specific tile, you have to build the tallest possible structure and wait for a heaven piece.

  7. And just like “real” heaven, what seems so wonderful at first gets rather tedious, and quickly.

  8. Everyone seems to have missed the point of Heaven. A normal Tetris is clearing 4 rows simultaneously. That piece is designed to clear 5 rows.

    1. It’s blank here, being hosted locally to boingboing only the file’s not there (though I saw it last night…). You can click through to GUD for the game (an updated version with slightly less suck).

  9. Neat idea. Interestingly, the “heaven” pieces were too common for me, undermining the emotional reaction. Without having a little bit of work to set up the situation, it instead loss the sense of reward and fulfillment causing boredom.

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