Science and Zombies

Science and zombies go together like, er, brains and more brains. Smithsonian has a nice round-up of different ways that researchers have used zombie myth to model scientific ideas, or turned scientific speculation on the zombie story. (Submitterated by SarahZ)


  1. “…only high human skill levels ensure a human victory.”
    this seems to be the moral of just about every zombie movie i’ve seen. and don’t forget that one of the cute girls will get eaten in the first act.

  2. NO! MORE! #$@!*! ZOMBIES!

    NO MORE!



    we are the zombies for continuing to pay attention to this stuff.

  3. You know what would freshen up zombies for those poor saps who are burned out on them? A steampunk crossover. Aw yeah, brass and leather clad zombies, eating brains and sipping darjeeling tea.

    1. Read Boneshaker and Dreadnought, by Cherie Priest. Post-apocalyptic zombie action set in alternative-history, Civil War era America.

    2. For a good steampunk zombie story we need electrical telegraphs connected to analytical engines. They will gather up-to-the-hour information on the rate of zombie infection from major population centers and calculate the logarithmic tables needed to predict the size of the next outbreak. The land dreadnaughts can then be directed to the infected areas.

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