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  1. 1. The cuteness, oh my god, the cuteness

    2. I love how he stops to scratch himself in the middle of the “confrontation.” Non-human animals are so much more honest about their priorities.

  2. Maybe puppy is upset that yppup went back in time and their mutual mother fell in love with yppup? Or maybe yppup killed their grandmother?

    All these time travel conundrums are kind of sexist, right?

    1. That is Looney Tunes, weapons-grade funny. And I thought our cat was an idiot (well, to be fair, it is). Hilarious.

  3. Whenever I see something like this, I always pretend the animal has an internal monolog from a bad kung-fu movie..

    “When I attack with my left, he counters with his right. When I spring forward he’s there to block!
    He’s anticipating my every move!!”

  4. My cat looks at me when I’m playing video games. He pities me cause I imagine there’s another entity inside the glass who I’m interacting with.

  5. The puppy is not attacking, it is playing. The head down and tail wagging are your clues. Further evidence is the whining. If the puppy were attacking, it would bark, growl and bare its teeth.

  6. I gave our kids’ reflections names when they were about a year old. Their names backwards. I wanted to see when they realized their reflection wasn’t a real person, but their image reversed.

    About 30 seconds. Tops.

    But to this day they still refer to their reflections by the reverse name. “Rednax” instead of “My reflection.”

  7. Though not anywhere near as cute, I’m mildly amused by this video of a horse trying to figure out her reflection. Horses try to initiate social contact by touching noses and inhaling/exhaling, so not only can she not smell the other horse, when she moves slightly to the right, the other horse seems to suddenly vanish. At about the 1:56 mark (and again at 4:08) she decides to walk very deliberately around to the other side of the vehicle, only that doesn’t work either. Poor thing.

  8. That was incredible! Does anyone know where I can find a video of a cat doing something amazing?

  9. I would have enjoyed this headline 101% more if it were “puppy v yppup”. But I am sad like that.

  10. My dog used to interact with his reflection when he was a puppy, but then grew out of it. I had assumed that he recognized that it was just a reflection. However, I’ve read that only a few species (humans, dolphins, apes, and some birds) can actually understand the concept of a reflection. So what does he think is behind there? Do dogs just learn to ignore the scent-less dog that lives behind the glass window?

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