Hugo Nominees 2011


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  1. Catherine Crockett says:

    I see four categories listed above, out of fifteen [not counting the Campbell Award], yet no mention that it’s only a partial list.

  2. jcolvin says:

    “The maiden flight of the bellerophon” was nominated? I was singularly unimpressed by this novela; it was basically an incomprehensible McGuffin tacked onto a road trip novel to give it a flavour of science fiction.

  3. Shibi says:

    I’m reading some Alistair Reynolds right now. Glad to see him in the Novella category! The list of nominees usually becomes a ‘To Read’ list for me.

  4. LB says:

    As much as I liked “Fuck me Ray Bradbury” I feel like there had to be much better actual science fiction/fantasy/horror choices for that category.

    The Walking Dead? Being Human? Stargate Universe? Fringe? Futurama? Surely somewhere in there one episode is worthy of high praise?

  5. nanuq says:

    “1006 valid nominating ballots were counted, 992 electronic and 14 paper.”

    And not a hanging chad in the bunch.

  6. NickPheas says:

    And “Fuck me, Ray Bradbury” made the short form nomination as well. I doubt it’ll win, but nice to see it there.

  7. james4765 says:

    I’m really pulling for Cryoburn – don’t know if that’s going to be the end of the Miles Vorkosigan series or not, but it was one of the most amazing books I’ve read in some time.

    Lois McMaster Bujold is easily one of my top ten favorite sci-fi authors of all time – and I’m going to stop fanboying now. It is worth a read if you haven’t picked any of the series up – a lot of the earlier novels and short stories are available in omnibus editions.

  8. Funderful says:

    Steven Moffat, previously nominated for 4 Hugo awards and winner of 3, can now add 2 more nominations to the list.

    ‘Who’ has absolutely dominated these awards since its return in 2005; it has received 13 nominations and 4 wins leading up to this year’s awards.

    Doctor Who is one of my favourite shows and Moffat one of my favourite writers but this is getting a bit ridiculous! I guess it’s a natural consequence of shows like ‘Caprica’, SG:U and T:TSCC being cancelled just as they were finding their feet.

    • franko says:

      “Vincent and the Doctor” was one of my favorite episodes of that season, and definitely deserves a nod (and a win) in my opinion.

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