Rose Red: the Fables fight fear itself


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That bear seems to be strategically located.

  2. Wendy Blackheart says:

    Ooooh, this one was just amazing. I LOVE Frau Totenkinder, and this battle was amazing. I already can’t wait for the next trade paper back! I’ve been following Fables almost from the start, and its only getting better.

    (also, the little bonus story in the 100th issue, answering the question of ‘Where do the Fables comics come from?’ was great! I’d been wanting to know that!)

  3. Destronok says:

    Noooooooo!! Spoilers!!!

    Please, if you’re reading this, forget everything you just read in the post above and simply purchase the first volume of Fables. It is an amazing series that has been embraced by young, old, and everyone in between.

    Wikipedia starts out great in describing Fables:

    “The series deals with various characters from fairy tales and folklore – referring to themselves as “Fables” – who have been forced out of their Homelands by “The Adversary” who has conquered the realm. The Fables have traveled to our world and formed a clandestine community in New York City known as Fabletown. Fables who are unable to blend in with human society (such as monsters and anthropomorphic animals) live at “the Farm” in upstate New York.”

    The series is particularly endearing because it has strong, complex male -and- female characters. The story-arcs are as engaging and deep as any recent fiction you’ll read.

    Case in point, my friend’s wife probably hasn’t read a comic book since forever, and yet she -loved- Fables. It’s actually a series that’s geared towards an older demographic not because of violent images, but because of its situational nuances. And truly, if I was to recommend one series out of all the comic books/graphic novels that have been produced, it’d have to be Fables.

    Disclaimer: (but that’s just me)

  4. SamSam says:

    Will you like this one even if you disliked the introduction of Mr Dark?

    I hated that. It was like “here, we’ve just completed an epic saga with wonderful enemies and great heros. Where can we possibly go next? Oh, ok, let’s just add some ugly dude with almost unlimited powers. That should tie them up for a book or two.”

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