Unbeaten by Rain: charitable poster to raise money for Japan's new orphans

My friend Yasuko is a Japanese woman living in London. She was haunted and moved by the recent disasters in Japan, and decided to undertake a fundraiser for the people who were hurt and displaced by the tsunami, quake, and nuclear disaster. She translated Miyazawa Kenji's beautiful poem "Unbeaten By Rain" into English, and produced a beautiful poster with a lovely typographic treatment of the poem. She's selling the poster as a fundraiser for £20; all net proceeds go to Ashinaga, a 40-year-old Tokyo nonprofit that provides "education-focused financial and emotional support to children who have a parent/guardian with a serious disability, or who have lost one or both parents/guardians due to illness, accident, disaster, or suicide."

Unbeaten by Rain


  1. I hate to be a negative Nellie, but the poem reads like the lyrics to Radiohead’s “Fitter Happier.” I understand the impulse behind the poem, but something about its wording kinda creeps me out.

    /need more coffee

  2. Am I reading it correctly? In the last two stanzas the poem appears to be saying “Being called a fool … Such a person I want to be”.

  3. Susan, seems to be kinda like Lennon’s “you may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one”. Or, in other words, “if the list of things i described makes me a fool, then call me a fool”.


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