Filling Paris's potholes with knitwork

In 2009, Juliana Santacruz Herrera began filling Paris's potholes with elaborate knitted plugs; she called it "Projet Nid de Poule" (Project Pothole). What the yarn lacks in durability it makes up for in whimsy.

projet nid de poule (via Craft)


  1. I love France, where a pothole is a chicken nest.
    Can we at least rename potholes rat graves or something else more exciting?

  2. Well that’s great. I wondered when somebody out there would finally stand up and address the lack of pothole cozies.

  3. These remind me of Sarajevo Roses. After the fighting in Sarajevo ended, there were holes all over the place from the explosions of mortar shells. Due to the way that mortars impact and explode, the marks they leave form a sort of expanding flower-esque pattern. As a way to create memorials to people who were killed in those mortar attacks, locals started filling in the mortar holes with red resin, creating makeshift rose shaped war memorials. They’re quite beautiful and sad monuments.

  4. My friend Jenn does something similar to this. She can knit like a demon (impressive for someone who just turned 27) and carries her kit around, and decorates ugly things she sees, such as rusty arm rests at the bus stop for example.

    She’s knitting me a Doctor Who scarf…and I didn’t make her do it either (c:

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