Google Doodle Quiz!

googdood.jpg Twaggies presents another difficult quiz that should leave even the most addicted netizens lacking results. Optimize your engines after the jump!


  1. i clicked on the twaggies ad and it took me to their site which immediately started a virus crap.

  2. OK, I’m pissed. It said I got 3 wrong, but when I check the answers, it claimed I’d given completely nonsensical answers to those three, which I hadn’t…if anything, they were the three I was most certain of.

    100%, darn it. So there.

  3. I was sure that the fractal one had to be Mandelbrot’s birthday, even though the o was clearly a Julia set, because who the hell knows who Gaston Julia was, except for complete and utter über-dorks.

    Oh, Google, why do you keep making me love you? I want to hate you, but I just can’t!

    1. Yeah, that one’s unfair – The ‘G’ is the Mandelbrot set, and the ‘o’ is a Julia set.

  4. I guess I WAS right, but for some reason it said I was incorrect,WTF!!!! I studied Mondrian, can spot a Mondrian reference from 2 miles, why did it say I was incorrect?

    1. I’m not getting any malware issues. If you want to e-mail me with your OS and browser, we can check.

  5. I was miffed on the Topeka one because I knew it was because we renamed our capital for a month to Google,Kansas. And Google changed its name in response…I had no Idea it was also on April Fools.

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