Karl Lagerfeld in a hotel suite made of chocolate

lagerfeltchocholate.jpg Photo: Jacky Naegelen of Reuters. I think a caption competition is in order.


  1. “Note the mask on the wall. I place there to show my deep respect for Africans and the culture.”

  2. I thought this was a screenshot from out of a Grand Theft Auto engine. The lack of specular highlights (excepting his gloves) is rather unnerving.

  3. “I come here when I need to do some thinking. It’s just me and chocolate. Clears my head, you know?”

  4. .. and thus began the end of civilization in the 21st century. The harbinger was a room made of chocolate.

    I really want to rip the gloves off Karl and use them to mess up Trump’s hair.

  5. “I come here when I need to do some thinking. It’s just me and the chocolate. Clears my head, y’know?”

  6. “Hotel Lagos needed someone to design a theme suite that conveyed the sweet, creamy, velvety richness of West African history. They ended up commissioning some cocoa-colored guy to do it, but I did my own interpretation of the idea anyways.”

    “Now, who wants to lick the fudgecicle?”

  7. Just opening, the bachelorette suites at the HersheyLand Hotel- Las Vegas… remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  8. Another exciting scene from the upcoming Hershey, PA Community Theatre production of Goldfinger. Don’t miss it!

  9. Yah he ist sehr sweet, und mein gut freund Galliano has vun just like him – but naturlich in der Milch Schokolade!

  10. “Having failed to surpass the fetishistic brilliance of Helmut Newton, Photographer Karl Lagerfeld turns to ministry.”

  11. First monkeys in doll masks, now Karl Lagerfeld? What have I done that Boing Boing wants to make sure I never go to sleep again?

  12. “Here is my chocolate chair … und here is my chocolate bed … und over zere … (Snorf) … over zere is … mine chocolate bar! I know, I know. It’s a long way to go for zat one, but still.”

  13. “His friends, and the Oompah Loompah’s always said that Willy Wonka was never the same after he starting hanging around with Owsley, but they could never put their finger on exactly why.” – Willy Wonka and The Orange Sunshiney Day

  14. They say your jivin’ game, it can’t be changed
    But on the positive side,
    You’re my piece of the rock
    And I love you, CC.

  15. Ja, Ja I know if Coco Chanel were still alive she’d have got zis room but still how come I didn’t get the bier suite?

  16. May I suggest for Monsieur a helping of music suitable to the place?

    The sweetness of a “Chocolate Shake’…from Duke Ellington, an old dark sweet song….

    So rich, and thick, and chocolate…

  17. “Why is he wearing pants Tyler? I said NO PANTS on the nubian prince. Now my gloves are going to get STICKY. DAMMIT!”

  18. I’m not worried about the chocolate, that’s an old fad. What worries me is bacon is the new scent sensation.

  19. Karl “It doesn’t melt in me hand, it melts in me crotch”
    Karl’s Doctor “I told him that he shouldn’t eat 8 inches of chocolate”
    I wonder what the bathroom looks like.

  20. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  21. After reading about half those ‘funny’ captions, alla kin say iz: Where’s Ebert when you really need him?

  22. Well all you ladies gather ’round
    That good sweet candy man’s in town
    It’s the candy man
    It’s the candy man

    He likes a stick of candy just nine inch long
    He sells as fast a hog can chew his corn
    It’s the candy man
    It’s the candy man

    All heard what sister Johnson said
    She always takes a candy stick to bed
    It’s the candy man
    It’s the candy man

    Don’t stand close to the candy man
    He’ll leave a big candy stick in your hand
    It’s the candy man
    It’s the candy man

  23. creep +‎ -y
    creepy (comparative creepier, superlative creepiest)
    producing an uneasy fearful sensation, as of things crawling over one’s skin
    strangely repulsive

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