Killer boys' fashions from the 1970s

These matching boys' belt/trouser/vest/shirt sets are pretty badass, especially that orange stripey one that looks like it came out of a bizarro-world Paul Smith showroom. I'm pretty sure there's a Sears portrait of me wearing the checked one in 1976 or so.

Oh, to be size 3 to 7 again! (via Neatorama)


  1. Now THAT’S what I’, TALKIN’ ABOUT! I was rockin’ #2 and #4 in kindergarten!! Would be hipsters you just jealous!!!

  2. I got a good laugh out of my wife for photoshopping our kids heads onto those 2 hipsters!
    and I was giggling like a school girl while I was doing it

  3. I’m going to have to go through my mom’s old photo albums to check, but I swear I had that orange-striped outfit. Damn, the shit we wore back then.

  4. Oh, man. My mum used to make all our clothes (her own too), and I am pretty sure we some threads just like these.

  5. Killer fashion indeed. Man, they’ve even got the kid on the left in a “Bitch better have my money” pose.

  6. Wow, my Grandmother made me suits just like this. Sooooo mannnnnyyyy pictures of me looking just like those kids. In fact, the pics are right for my cohort. Looking about 6 or 7 for 1976. Who remembers all the fire-hydrants painted up as American Revolutionary characters. The hydrant on my street was Betsy Ross.

  7. Ahahaha. My mom made me the orange-stripey trousers, and a blouse to match. And tied my hair in two bunches with orange fluffy yarn. AND TOOK PICTURES.

  8. Could someone please `shop in some cop moustaches and aviator sunglasses? Maybe some gold medallions too?

  9. Oh, shouldn’t the “Children grow fast!” blurb really read: “Children grow fast! Be sure to dress your kids up like this during that magical age when your child can socially get away looking like this without without causing significant damage to your child’s ego or social status.”

  10. My first thought was that this was a childhood photo of the “wild and crazy guys” played by Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd.

  11. Oh man my mom used to dress me like this in the 70’s! Does anybody remember Geranimals? you matched the animal tags to have a complete outfit? There used to be a store called Bess and Dots that sold these kinds of kids clothes.

    1. Not only do I remember Geranimals, I wish they had an equivalent for single men. The rules for matching clothes really seem arbitrary and inpenetrable.

    2. @24: There’s an silly old goth joke about Garanimals.
      Q:’Why do you wear black all the time?’
      A:’Because they don’t make Garanimals for adults.’

      If it cheers you at all, they still make Garanimals. My toddler has had a few outfits. (Sadly, we can’t seem to sway Grandma from shopping at teh evul WalMart.) I had many outfitss myself when I was around his age, a million years ago. JC Penny was rife with the stuff in the mid to late 70’s.

  12. I sported the girls’ equivalent — an electric blue, one-piece, flared-leg, Chelsea-collared jumpsuit with an elasticized rainbow cinch belt with clasps that clicked together to form a heart. It was the height of fashion in 1977, let me tell you! It even had a plunging v-neck, though at six years old I really had nothing to show off in the . . . plunge.

  13. No boy in my neighborhood would have consented to wearing clothes like these. Me and my brother had matching outfits that we refused to wear at this age.

  14. You guys have me cryin’. I’ll bet that photo of Corey would have him looking exactly the same, same hair, same glasses, same face as he has now. So it would be kinda cool to get him in one of the above outfits now.

    Who was doing the photoshopping again?

  15. “Hello! and welcome to the 1971, Little Mister, Tom Jones Lookalike Contest and Pageant!”

  16. Actually, these threads aren’t too far removed from some of the outfits in The Warriors, Walter Hill’s awesome 1979 gang flic.

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