Online activism works: Canada delayed US-style copyright bill in fear of activist campaign


5 Responses to “Online activism works: Canada delayed US-style copyright bill in fear of activist campaign”

  1. Anonymous says:

    delayed does not mean changed!!! typical government shift… the law is made but will wait to kick in.. this gives an out to those who made the bill and those who later enforce it…

  2. gregbaker says:

    While I’m pleased, I think this story (and others like it) are a bad sign: it has become newsworthy that a government took the will of its citizens into account when making a decision.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In response to gregbaker, no it is pretty clear that the government ignored everything said during the consultation. It is also clear from the leaked cables that the govt did the consultation to make people less angry over their ignoring of the results of the consultation.

    Essentially Tony Clement and James Moore teamed up to form “Team America”. A special unit meant to subvert the will of the people of Canada in order to push through draconian foreign legislation spewing forth from the pens of the American government. This might not sound that bad to Americans, but Canada is a separate country and our people should legislate themselves, not accept legislation and pressure for legislation from the USA.

    “TEAM AMERICA” — Tony Clement and James Moore, true patriots

  4. Anonymous says:

    Patience is what is needed here.
    Copyright will soon be found to be a burden on society and done away with. Then the true incentive for creativity will again surface as necessity regains recognition as the true mother of invention replacing the government sponsored monetary incentive monopoly called copyright. Incentive for creativity will once again become the basis of creating for all to benefit rather than on the greedy profit motive.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lessig must be pretty happy today. If anyone had a right to be smug, he does.

    I wonder if I can send him a cookie or something.

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