Wookie the Chew: Star Wars meets Winnie-the-Pooh

"Wookiee the Chew" is James Hance's inspired Winnie-the-Pooh/Star Wars mashup, a series of prints depicting the silly old wookiee and his pal Chrisolo Robin, "in a world where AT-AT's lose their tails and bobaberries are ripe for the picking, join the adventures of the biped of very little brain." It's for sale as a kid's book ("The House at Chew Corner") and a series of prints.

Wookiee the Chew (via Neatorama)


    1. I agree. This is definitely a “repeat” of an earlier Boing Boing post, but I clearly remember when these images were first making the rounds and there wasn’t an obvious plea to help his daughter. It seems to be making the rounds again because of his daughter so it would be nice if that could be focused on.

  1. I met Hance at a UNF comic convention thing last year and bought a copy of his book. It’s quite good.

  2. My copy of “The House at Chew Corner” arrived in late February. I can’t be happier with it – definitely one of the gems of my collection.

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