Wee rusty junkbots for sale

SpratMan makes and sells (on Etsy) adorable rusty junkbots called "Forgotten Robots." He says: "They've been in the factory so long that most have forgotten their names. The original Makers either left or died off long, long ago. Over the eons the robots 'woke up'. Now with their new self-awareness and personalities the forgotten robots are looking for new homes and new names. They are hard workers and fun to be around and would make a welcome addition to any home or office desk."

Forgotten Robots (Thanks, Spratman!)


  1. Fascinating. Share button is now allowing me to actually share on FB, however.

  2. Errm–sounds kinda “Wall-E” like.
    Pixar’s lawyertron destroyerbot is now dispatched.

  3. Very cute…..and I like that there is a back story that goes with them. Wait…is this the place for shameless self promotion of one’s Etsy shop on BB? Because if it is…..

    Noctilucent Studios

  4. Please fix this post:

    email list for seller on Esty not working and unable to “copy email link”

    Dimensions are not mentioned here or on Esty.

    Posted a message for seller pointing these issues out.

    All three are very cute:


    1. Sorry about that, I put a US nickle in each picture for reference. Still should have mentioned the sizes. Each robot is about 3.5 inches high, not including antenna.

      Sorry but they’re already all sold out, I had only made 12. Thanx Boing Boing!

      Should be about a week before I can make some more, so check back in a week or two.

      Thanx to everyone!


  5. Those are wonderful. How much did they cost? You can’t see the prices once they’ve sold and now they all are. I’d LOVE one for my desk but I’d need to know roughly the price I’m looking at.

    1. The one I bought was $24.99 plus $5 shipping. I’m so glad I was able to get in there before they all sold out!

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