Eyeballing Osama Bin Laden's compound on Google Earth/Google Maps


On Google Earth, you can view the Abottabad "mansion" where Osama Bin Laden lived and died. Ogle Earth has more. And map link here. Oddly, Casa Abbottabad isn't getting very positive reviews.


  1. For rent: 1 country mansion. Amenities include satellite phone and internet, fresh towels, professional videographer and personal delivery service. Recent renovations include air conditioning and distressed, shabby shaykh decor. Call the Pentagon for more info.

  2. That has to be the wrong location, because in all the video footage, it is clearly located in a populated urban area. The map above shows a mostly rural area.

    1. The image you see appears taken in 2005 while the CIA says theirs are more recent. Compare the road net and stream and you’ll find they match. This is what you call urban develop, Mid East style.

  3. So, he was killed in a mansion/compound. Did he ever live in a cave?
    Does anyone know where the constant “cave reports” came from?
    There’s a big difference between cave and compound. Thanks

    1. Yes, he did live in caves. He just didn’t always live in caves. He may have been crazy, but pretty smart to hide on the edge of a city.

  4. It’s amazing what Americans will do when the Playstation network is down.

    1. Aerial imagery can be deceiving. The residences in Abbottabad are actually quite nice, in Google Maps, check the box that says “photos” and scan around for a while through the urban development. The scenery in that area is also quite beautiful.

  5. How come Street View doesn’t work here?

    Why haven’t the Google cars been through all the streets in Pakistan yet?

  6. I haven’t seen one correct Google Maps reference or screenshot. None look like the supplied CIA aerial shot or artist’s illustration. Not even the NYT, not HuffPO, not here on BB. The pic here is clearly wrong — but at least it’s the most popular wrong.

  7. Anyone noticed the house from Arrested Development posted as one of the compound pictures?

  8. Considerable amount of dust would have been encountered by Navy Seals choppers, Mogadishu – style.

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