Interview with Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One

[Video Link] It seems like every decade or so a science fiction novel comes out that sends a lightning bolt through my nervous system: To Your Scattered Bodies Go (1971). Neuromancer (1984). Snow Crash (1992). Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (2003). I just found out what my mind-blowing novel for the 2010s is: Ernest Cline's Ready Player One (coming out in August 2011).

In Boing Boing's new podcast, Gweek, we ran an excerpt of an interview I did with Cline (screenwriter of the movie Fanboys). Here's the entire interview. (Cline's voice is soft for a few seconds at the beginning, but stick with it -- the volume improves.)


  1. A good new Sci-Fi book? I’m in!

    Oh wait, I can’t buy it until August? I don’t care anymore.

  2. I’m glad your excited about this new book, but find it hard to believe it’s on your top books list without having read it first. I’ll check back with you in August after you’ve read it.

    1. I read an advance readers copy, KanyonKris. They printed something like 5,000 of them.

    2. Obviously, somebody didn’t watch the interview. Mark, I like your taste in science fiction, based on this short list. So I’m in for getting a copy of Ready Player One, even though I’m not a gamer!

  3. Mark, thank you for the reply and clarification. I’ve now put Ready Player One on my book list. And thank you for your decade scifi list – I’ve read and loved Neuromancer and Snow Crash so the other two books have gone on my reading list too.

  4. i found an ARC on abe books and just finished reading Ready Player One. While its fun, its not stephenson or gibson. even though it’s fun to read a ton of references to stuff from my childhood, the story itself is pretty formulaic and the characters 2 dimensional. after watching the interview i couldn’t wait to read a genre defining novel for this decade but alas it is more along the lines of a YA novel. which isn’t a bad thing, just not what i was expecting. It’s actually made me a bit sad, because the potential was there but didn’t deliver. i give it 2 1/2 stars.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed RP1 and can’t wait to start hand-selling it to customers at the bookstore where I work, come August. Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of geeky nerd girls everywhere!!

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