Make your own customized Han in Carbonite Kinect model, suitable for 3D printing

YouTube user emnullfuenf is experimenting with making custom, 3D printable Han-in-Carbonite models using a Kinect:

This is an experiment with Kinect and Processing. People in front of it are posing like Han Solo and get frozen in 3D. We are already exporting the 3D models for 3D printing. So stay tuned. The software will be open source soon if anyone is interested.
Kinect Experiment: Freezing Han Solo (via Make)


  1. I’d like to see them normalize the 3D data against the carbonite plane (always bringing it up to the farthest point. They could also do some smoothing of the data (though noise looks cool), and they could apply a depth transform to keep the stark transitions to a minimum.

    I work with the Kinect professionally… Cool project!

  2. ‘In the future, everyone will be frozen in carbonite for 15 minutes, then they’ll make custom iPhone cases with their robotic desktop fabricators’. With apologies to Andy Warhol.

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