Free, downloadable NASA Endeavour STS-134 Mission poster


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  1. Andrew Ferguson says:

    I could be wrong, but I think the STS-134 poster is a direct reference to this one for JJ Abrams Star Trek film:

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you’re spot on. Crap! I knew it rang a Star Trek bell in my head and I was all set to go with the Picard reference, but I do not care for the Abrams effort.

    • bpratt says:

      I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it, I’m sure you must be right. This is badass! Can’t understand the nitpicking.

    • Halloween Jack says:

      Unfortunately, comparing the two just kind of strengthens Rob Knop’s point.

  2. KurtMac says:

    I generally get a kick out of these light-hearted promos for each mission that NASA has started to do, but my OCD wants to strangle whoever disproportionately scaled the International Space Station on this one.

  3. imhotep says:

    Ewww… I don’t wanna go to the creepy space-sausage party!

  4. Trent Hawkins says:

    Why is there a super villain in the middle?

  5. dwdyer says:

    Who’s the really small sparkly guy on the far left?

  6. Chris Tucker says:

    Tell you what, when all you complainers apply for, get accepted and graduate from the astronaut training program, and get assigned a seat on the next thing smoking to orbit, you can then have someone do the mission poster of your dreams.

  7. Rob Knop says:

    Subtitle: “White Guys In Space”

  8. jamiethehutt says:

    I’m no rocket scientist but maybe things like this are why SpaceX seems so cheap… :-P

  9. Azu says:

    I see Michael Stipe’s career is taking a bold new direction.

  10. gellfex says:

    There’s a P-shop shadow problem with the 2 left guys that’s jarring. One or the other should have been flipped to come up with a consistent scheme. Either all lit from the right of frame, or all lit from the side they’re near.

  11. Dicrel Seijin says:

    Despite the odd bowing of the head and the Photoshop lighting error, and whatever that light burst is, I still want one of these.

  12. Jack says:

    Eccch, I cannot stand these posters. They seem so forced and so geared to appeal to “SyFy” network viewers. Our astronauts deserve better. Anyone ever consider getting a real photographer or artist to do this kind of stuff?

  13. seanpatgallagher says:

    How about, “To Baldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Vladimir Putin is an astronaut too?

    Damn. That guy is such a badass.

  15. Sork says:

    Randy Quaid? Isn’t he just a crop-dusting pilot?

  16. Editz says:

    Commander Kelly looks a little like a hairless Louis C.K.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Cool poster, but I’d like it more if they didn’t make Mark look down like that. But I’m nitpicking.

    Until now, I didn’t even know they made official mission posters. That in itself is kinda cool.


    That poster is clearly missing a catchy one-liner at the bottom. Any thoughts?

    My suggestion: “Second to none.”

    (for STS-135: “Last, but not least.”

  19. Anonymous says:

    Wait! They can’t let John Locke on the shuttle! He’ll destroy the island!!!

  20. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I can haz names?

  21. tigersnarl says:

    I would love to have seen NASA ask Illustrators and Printmakers to contribute to these schemes instead of a ‘chop to each. Could you imagine a Robert McGinnis or Drew Struzan whipping up one? Or an Aesthetic Apparatus version – Don’t get me wrong, these posters are collector’s editions, but come on, that would have been fantastic at all levels…

  22. Anonymous says:

    That’s fucking cool.

  23. wookiedingleberry says:

    Oh, I’ve seen this one…the Shuttle Commander is the villain.

    /spoiler alert

  24. Mr Chan says:

    I like to think that Picard came back to the 21st Century to stop us from doing more of these.

  25. HatOfEdshu says:

    John Locke, Astronaut. It’s Lost in Space! Ha!

  26. David Carroll says:

    Is it too late to get Milla Jovovich attached to this project?


    • Jake0748 says:

      Damn you David! For some reason I’ve had Milla Jovovich and multipass stuck in my head all day. I was just starting to calm down, and you had to post THAT?

  27. penguinchris says:

    This had to have been done by a guy at NASA who does this type of photography as a hobby and reads I don’t mean to put whoever it was down because it’s still cool, but it’s not professional level work like the Star Trek poster.

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