Free, downloadable NASA Endeavour STS-134 Mission poster


Spotted this tacked to various cubicles at Johnson Space Center. You can download it yourself for free here, along with the official posters for previous shuttle missions!

*More snapshots from my excellent JSC adventure here.


  1. Cool poster, but I’d like it more if they didn’t make Mark look down like that. But I’m nitpicking.

    Until now, I didn’t even know they made official mission posters. That in itself is kinda cool.

  2. That poster is clearly missing a catchy one-liner at the bottom. Any thoughts?

    My suggestion: “Second to none.”

    (for STS-135: “Last, but not least.”

  3. Wait! They can’t let John Locke on the shuttle! He’ll destroy the island!!!

    1. Okay, left to right: Guy Pearce, Vladimir Putin, Terry O’Quinn, Eminem, Oleg Rudnik, and… Sanjay Gupta?

  4. Oh, I’ve seen this one…the Shuttle Commander is the villain.

    /spoiler alert

    1. Damn you David! For some reason I’ve had Milla Jovovich and multipass stuck in my head all day. I was just starting to calm down, and you had to post THAT?

    1. No, you’re spot on. Crap! I knew it rang a Star Trek bell in my head and I was all set to go with the Picard reference, but I do not care for the Abrams effort.

    2. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it, I’m sure you must be right. This is badass! Can’t understand the nitpicking.

    3. Unfortunately, comparing the two just kind of strengthens Rob Knop’s point.

  5. I generally get a kick out of these light-hearted promos for each mission that NASA has started to do, but my OCD wants to strangle whoever disproportionately scaled the International Space Station on this one.

  6. I’m no rocket scientist but maybe things like this are why SpaceX seems so cheap… :-P

  7. There’s a P-shop shadow problem with the 2 left guys that’s jarring. One or the other should have been flipped to come up with a consistent scheme. Either all lit from the right of frame, or all lit from the side they’re near.

  8. Eccch, I cannot stand these posters. They seem so forced and so geared to appeal to “SyFy” network viewers. Our astronauts deserve better. Anyone ever consider getting a real photographer or artist to do this kind of stuff?

  9. How about, “To Baldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


  10. I would love to have seen NASA ask Illustrators and Printmakers to contribute to these schemes instead of a ‘chop to each. Could you imagine a Robert McGinnis or Drew Struzan whipping up one? Or an Aesthetic Apparatus version – Don’t get me wrong, these posters are collector’s editions, but come on, that would have been fantastic at all levels…

  11. Despite the odd bowing of the head and the Photoshop lighting error, and whatever that light burst is, I still want one of these.

  12. This had to have been done by a guy at NASA who does this type of photography as a hobby and reads I don’t mean to put whoever it was down because it’s still cool, but it’s not professional level work like the Star Trek poster.

  13. I like to think that Picard came back to the 21st Century to stop us from doing more of these.

  14. Tell you what, when all you complainers apply for, get accepted and graduate from the astronaut training program, and get assigned a seat on the next thing smoking to orbit, you can then have someone do the mission poster of your dreams.

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