Shannon's Law: a story about bridging Faerie and the mundane world with TCP-over-magic


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  1. cmacis says:

    Maybe it helps if you know the setting a bit better, but I found the start a bit meh. But it certainly livened up and there’s an amazing ending. Makes me want to read more in this setting. I’ll add it to my summer projects list. The list of things that absolutely must wait until after the exams.

    (Which also includes downloading all the Doctorow podcast. If anyone has a neat way to automagically do this, I’m interested.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    holy crap. i was NOT one of those kids who read the original series over and over. i was that kid that read one book once and could never find it again; the kid that has been sporadically searching for them over the past 20+ years based on tiny fragments…

    i didn’t find it in shadowrun (earthdawn was even nicer in it’s own way). i didn’t find it in any of my local bookstore’s sci-fi experts (the original search engines). but now, suddenly, “BORDERTOWN” – oh yeah! thanks (again) cory! can’t wait to dive back in (once I finish re-reading my copy of tMoPI, so like tomorrow, probably)! ;)


  3. Daemon says:

    Glad to hear this series is back. I was very disappointed that nothing more was done with it.

  4. ellen kushner says:

    Welcome back to Bordertown, ifatree – and welcome, cmacis! You can read 3 of the original stories over on our new website:

  5. JoshP says:

    wow… a cory story and escapepod.!! Butter my nips and roll me in brown sugar!! :)

  6. themark says:

    I wish that Phil Hale had been hired for the cover of this one too! His art was what had initially drawn me into the series.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So we have programming magic books, now we have magical sysadmining. What’s next? Magic PVRs?

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