Felt Mouse


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  1. Rob Cruickshank says:

    Add a box of Crisco and it turns into a Joseph Beuys designer mouse.

  2. Joey Roth says:

    Thank you for the post Rob!

    allybeag- part of the inspiration for this mouse were my sweaty palms. Parametric modeling in Solidworks is such an adrenalin rush that I never failed to drench my plastic mice while working. So, I looked to modern running gear, and found that the best stuff is made from merino wool. Used for a mouse, the material retains its moisture wicking and anti-bacterial properties. It’s also soft against the hand and, as you guessed, can be machine washed.

    Rob Cruickshank- Beuys was the other part of my inspiration for the mouse! Ever since my girlfriend took me to see his retrospective at LACMA, my understanding of materials and form giving has been forever changed.

  3. knoxblox says:

    As the old joke goes:

    (reaching out to touch fabric) How nice, is that felt?


    Well, it is now!

  4. mamayama says:

    The wool should definitely keep it from getting stinky (I’ve been amazed how long wool hiking socks stay stink-free day….after day…after day…). It’s a CuddleMouse!

    Though I can definitely imagine coming home to a cat (or dog) blissfully gnawing on it.

  5. 20tauri says:

    What a nifty idea. I ♥ felt. However. My cat already takes every opportunity to scratch at every felt thing I own. Her favorite chew toy is…a felt mouse. This wouldn’t last long in my household, I’m afraid.

  6. holtt says:

    Cool but it’s gonna be a desk cheese magnet.

  7. mamayama says:

    …as well as a handy whiteboard eraser…

  8. jerwin says:

    From the article:
    While it may be soft to the touch, it is not yet known how easy it is to use. One thing is clear though, it looks very stylish and its minimal design would look great on any desk.

    You don’t have to use it. You can always use the trackpad. What’s important is that it looks cool when plugged into your laptop.

  9. yri says:

    I could have lived on, quite content, without ever having heard the term “desk cheese.”


  10. allybeag says:

    So … don’t use with sweaty hands; don’t use while you’re eating; don’t spill coffee or beer on it; keep the cat away particularly when it’s moulting. Blimey. That thing would smell so high after a month that nobody could bear to use it. Ah, but hang on – are the washing instructions printed on the base?

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