Happy Weekend: Gratuitous guinea pig swimming pool playtime photo


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cos bOing bOing is a haven for sanity and humanity, and the idea of trolls here is disgusting.

    Me gusta!

  2. rebdav says:

    Weep weep weep weep weep weep!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So freaking cute! I love the the belly with two colors the most. Makes me want to clap some fresh romaine lettuce near them just to hear the squeaks and purrs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not intended to troll, at all. This is how a cuy is sacrificed for human consumption.
    Pd. I am full carnivore

    Moderator note: graphic gore

  5. Carbonfish says:

    It looks like the cooks were thinking ahead when they made so much brine. I’ll bet they can brine several dozen before they have to top up.

    MMMMmmmmmm, Guinea Pig. Of course, a Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) will feed a few more people each, but they’re nowhere near as easy to work with.

  6. In Blue says:

    Do they even like water?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know if they like water, but I know from experience that they *hate* being held belly-up.

    • Glippiglop says:

      They look pretty content. If they didn’t like the water I think they’d act more like my cats the few times I gave them a bath – scratching and clawing the hell out of me just to get out of there. The guinea pig on the left is barely being held and isn’t squirming away, so yeah, I guess they like it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Secret training session for Guantanamo exposed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    who else thought the middle guy at the top’s knees were a pair of boobs

  9. Anonymous says:

    That’s really interesting that they don’t look stressed out at all. My friend had a pair of g-pigs that would constantly fight until she learned that if you bathe them together, the sheer trauma causes them to bond. She tried it, and apparently it worked like a charm!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Original looks to be here: http://pya.cc/pyaimg/pimg.php?imgid=86742. Indicates it was taken at Makigahara Children’s Zoo, part of the Nogeyama Zoological Gardens in Yokohama.

    Anon: I don’t like trolls either.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Guinea pigs take over earth, humans enslaved to give massages.”

  12. notplainjane says:

    It’s like a mom-and-me swimming class for guinea pigs! too cute.

  13. sean says:

    It’s the GPSST (Guinea Pig Synchronized Swim Team) getting ready to work on a new routine.

  14. dancentury says:

    Blue watch man lost his piggy!

  15. RHK says:

    If this is Peru, they’re just washing off their food before lunch.

  16. napstimpy says:

    But for the love of all that is holy do NOT feed them after midnight!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Que tan ricos esos cuyes me parecen!

  18. igpajo says:

    Guinnea Pig water birthing class?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Poor creatures. They hate the water. They must be terrified :(

  20. grimc says:

    Y’know, if they could float on their backs and learn to hold a can of beer upright on their bellies…

  21. pinehead says:

    Water aerobics is nice and all, but you know the piggies don’t think it’s nearly as great as chow time is.

  22. irksome says:

    They’re doing it all wrong; 2″ of water and STEAM them.

  23. Anonymous says:

    In Peru you can select your “Cuy” or Guinea Pig to eat, just like choosing a live lobster at a Seafood Resto! Well, you would have to come back later that evening to eat…yummm.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Having raised many guinea pig litters I can tell you that guineas can swim as baby piglets and take to the water very well just a few days after birth. They float and dog paddle while holding their snouts above the surface and enjoy a little dip. They prefer water that is shallow enough for them to stand in where they can sit on their haunches and clean themselves. I highly recommend them as pets.

  25. Anonymous says:

    dude the troll food is worse than the troll imho, what so hard not to understand about not feeding them? anyway the picture awesome all the cute stuff cheers me up thanks for all the positive cute stuff cant get enough.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Looks like innovative empathy training for children to me.
    As we all know, empathy doesn’t really develop until later in childhood and so exercises such as this are invaluable.

    • Bucket says:

      We call it Voight-Kampff for short.

      You’re holding a guinea pig in a kiddie pool of water, and it’s really not all that happy about it. Why aren’t you taking your pig out and drying him off with a towel, Leon?

  27. Anonymous says:

    I can provide some additional lineage for this photo up to a point:
    -Someone originally posted it on 2chan’s “Animals that are not cats or bugs” Board (http://up.2chan.net/d/futaba.htm)
    -I sort of puzzled over it and reposted it to my ‘blog’ (http://dogproblem.tumblr.com/)
    -Which was then picked up Picture This, I am assuming.

    It sure is strange seeing things I sifted off japanese image boards end up on here.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Why do so many jerks ALWAYS have to point out that some people eat guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.?

    It is SO annoying how many times when I mention my love for my rabbits in an obvious context of being companion animals, a good percentage of folk have to mention “you know you can eat rabbits. derp derp derp” NO, REALLY??? wow, I have NEVER heard that before…. *sigh*

    How would you folks like when you are mentioning your cat or dog I point out that in some places, people eat those too and go into great detail about it? (just like I have experienced with my bunnies)

    so disrespectful and annoying and very cliche’ to people that really do love their guinea pig or rabbit as a PET and not MEAT…

    • Daneel says:

      Om nom nom nom.

      Seriously, I wouldn’t care or get upset by it. Not sure why you do.

    • wigg1es says:

      Nature should have considered your feelings before it made all the delicious animals adorable.

      So what if people eat rabbits? Are they eating YOUR rabbits? I didn’t think so. Get on with it.

      • peterbruells says:

        Oh please, anon has a point. People usually don’t go around telling people how good dogs or cats taste when someone posted a lolcat, but it’s common with guinea pigs and rabbits. It’s nosy bad taste and intended to provoke a reaction.

  29. RyanH says:

    The one in the top right looks like it’s wearing swim trunks

  30. Eric says:

    OK this just became my desktop

  31. Anonymous says:

    Could be worse.

    At dinner one night, friend in college was telling me of his happy memories of visiting his grandparents in Boliva when he was little. He especially enjoyed playing with all the guinea pigs in the room just off the kitchen.

    Then he paused, thought for a moment, and said “Those weren’t pets, were they?”

  32. Anonymous says:

    why isn’t this a video?

  33. The Hamster King says:

    Aquatic training is proceeding as planned.

    Excellent, excellent … .

  34. kevomatic says:

    “Still waiting for someone to invent physical violence over tcp/ip.”


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