Hello Kitty toddler trousers knitting pattern

Etsy seller Mazter has created a knitting pattern for these teeth-achingly cute Hello Kitty toddler trousers and is accepting pre-sales. It's available in Norwegian and English.

Knitting pattern - Kitty pants (via Craft)


  1. Adorable, Cory, but as a fellow (southern Ontario) Canadian, I’ve been wanting to ask you about your posting clock. Dozens of times I have encountered a post of yours chronologically between two posts I’ve read, hours later.

    Earlier posts that appear later help nobody.

    You should see my hello kitty keychain watch!

  2. wait um is the kid’s butthole right under kitty’s lack of a mouth

    oh god oh god oh god


  3. Cute as all get out, and so crafty. I want a pair in my size. I’m 32/34 in pants. Someone, can you knit them for me? TIA! :3

  4. As much as I dislike anything Hello Kitty, I must admit these are awesomely adorable.

  5. Hmm, I’m not a big Hello Kitty girl. Bad Badtz Maru, historically. But now I’ve got a really soft spot for Keroppi.

    But I find these pants to be awesome. Good design, great fit and I’d like my own in 28/30s. If anyone could pass that along to the Sanrio Knitters Guild, I’d be eternally grateful. I support Guilds and would be happy to pay whatever price the Guild established for such fetching pants.

    I would, however, prefer Keroppi. He’s got a green head, he DJs, with massive round eyes, occasional stripy sweaters and just awesome overall greenness. Keroppi.

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