Typewriter bust: Grandfather


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  1. jere7my says:

    Awesome! Does gramps have a tracheostomy?

  2. fubbs says:

    irony: the closing of the last manual typewriter factory in the world inspired an artist to destroy a manual typewriter.

    I’m kidding; I really like this. And I’d rather have this sitting on my coffee table than the original typewriter(s) it came from gathering dust in my closet.

  3. General Specific says:

    I like that there’s a face hiding somewhere in my typewriter. Nice work.

  4. robulus says:

    Lovely, lovely work. Really wonderful.

  5. SonOfSamSeaborn says:

    I wish you’d left the “artistic statements” off. It’s an incredibly detailed bust made from typewriter parts. Its only statement is “hot damn, I kick ass at making things”.

    • El Mariachi says:

      Funny, I was just thinking that as “artistic statements” go, this one is pretty descriptive, down-to-earth, and bullshit-free. Compare this to the usual Markov twaddle about “polynomial nomenclatures” or the “figurative-narrative line space” or whatever.

      • Jasper says:

        I agree, I normally can’t abide the pretentious artistic comments, but this one seems like quite a humble, succinct approach and I love the outcome. Even so, without it, the art speaks very well for itself.

  6. Anonymous says:

    wooooooh… cool stuff. although I would be sad if you took my typewriter apart. I still use my typewriter to write everyday. I scan what I type and post it to my blog.

    - http://www.awkwardengineer.com

  7. spriggan says:

    Kup is that you?

  8. schadenfreudisch says:

    typwrite or bust

  9. Bender says:

    Statement is bullshit free, yes, but if someone were to come up with those thoughts upon viewing instead of being told what it was, or could be “about”- 10 times better.

    • JProffitt71 says:

      I was able to come up with that statement by looking at the piece, at least the part about the aging of technology, and the artist’s lovely explanation only added depth to it. Now if he had said some bullshit, that would have certainly detracted from the value of the piece, but he is honest : )

  10. technogeek says:

    Lovely. WANT!

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