Exploding frame clockwork sculpture, the sequel

I've featured Brett Dickins's exploding frame kinectic sculptures here before, and his latest, called "What The F...? - What's Up?" appears to be the last word in totally ass-kicking exploding-frame-clockwork sculptures. Woah.

What The F...? - What's Up? (Thanks, Brett!)


  1. That truly is an amazing sculpture.

    But I think you really ought to have a prominent “4 Non-Blondes Alert” in the article.

    I.E., MUTE the volume if you want to prevent a noxious earworm!

  2. How interesting that from the outside, the frame explodes in almost an identical way to the previous version posted, and yet the inside (appears to be) completely and utterly different. Is it in fact a very different inside, or can someone show that it is “functionally” the same, and merely cosmetically different?

    In either case, it reminds me a lot of programming. The external “feature” is very different from the internal implementation, and you can implement the same feature in many ways. Both of his exploding frames would pass the same spec tests, as it were.

    Oh, yes, and…. Turn off the volume! That song will be stuck in your head all day! If you’ve already watched the video before reading the comments…. quick, think of Friday!

    1. The exploding frame is caused by a lever following a circular path on one end, while constrained to a narrow channel at its middle. This should be apparent by watching the video.

      The older gizmo just had the circular path on a single central gear instead of eight separate gears.

    2. That song is the reason I cannot watch the linked vid. UMG is a bastard.
      The biggest bastard in the entire music industry.

  3. @SamSam I strongly disagree! Turn up the volume! They picked a great song for it, moves in time with the sculpture.

    It reminds me of that old “sometimes everything just comes together” ad campaign where the entire thing moves perfectly to the beat of the music :)

    1. I with you, I think the song really sells it. And I’m lukewarm on 4-Non Blondes to begin with.

  4. “But I think you really ought to have a prominent “4 Non-Blondes Alert” in the article.”

    Was my first thought

    “But what time is it?”

    Was my second.

    Very cool tho.

  5. It’s amazing and wonderful but I can’t hear anything at all, and my sound’s turned on, so I’ve no idea what you’re all complaining about!

  6. Thank you for this inspiring artwork.
    And thank you other commenters for warning about that song ; there is a problem, though – to know exactly which song you are referring to, one has to at least listen to a little bit, albeit with the sound turned down very low (to minimize the fallout), but by then the damage is already done if one already knows the song. Dilemma.

  7. Too bad about Sony making it not playable from BB. Would have been nice to see, but I won’t click through. Call it principle or call it stubborn. The sooner the record companies die the better. I just wish artists would start sourcing music that didn’t have these issues.

    Bret Dickins: I bet your work is cool, but I didn’t see it.

  8. I am the only one who was expecting something rather more similar to this from the description? The reality felt quite anticlimactic in comparison.

  9. I can recommend watching while listening to La Monte Young – 90 XII 9 c. 9:35 — 10:52 PM NYC The Melodic Version (1984) Of The Second Dream Of The High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer From The Four Dreams Of China . I’m sure this going to stick in my head too.

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