Anti-graffiti NYC politician wants to ban fat cap spraycan adapters

Queens, NY Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. has proposed a ban on fat caps, a spraycan adapter used by graffiti artists and others who need to cover a large surface quickly. Vallone's an anti-graffiti campaigner, and many graffiti writers have pointed out that there are plenty of legit uses for fat caps, including legal graffiti.

He previously helped pass laws that restrict the sale of spray-paint cans and broad-tipped markers. He has also sponsored a bill restricting the sale of etching acid.

"Vandals are now destroying homes and businesses and monuments like never before," Vallone said. "The more tools they come up with to destroy property, the more tools we have to give to law enforcement to protect properties."

Queens pol Peter Vallone Jr. seeks to crack down on 'fat caps,' a common graffiti tool

(Thanks, billav!)