Minuscule standard serving sizes considered harmful

Lazy Book Reviews has a great rant about serving-sizes and the genre of food/nutrition/health articles that breathlessly inform us that our intuition about servings is horribly wrong:

I'm sorry, a serving of bread should be two slices. You can run your mouth all you want about how in the 1940s cupcakes could only be seen with the aid of an advanced microscope, blah blah we're so indulgent blah blah portion control, but I have literally never seen a human being sit down to lunch and eat a single slice of bread. It's not plausible.

And you don't have to modify this to tell us to eat MORE, just tell us to eat FEWER SERVINGS once they've been brought in line with human standards.

Don't get me started with "you do know your protein is supposed to be the size of a deck of cards, right?" SAYS THE FUCK WHO? Oh, I'm so sorry, no one gave my salmon that memo. I'll just start ordering my chicken from the Hoyle factory, shall I?

So, Obviously, I'm Reading The New Issue Of O Magazine. (via Beth Pratt)

(Image: Food Pyramid, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from bethcanphoto's photostream)