Analytical Engine tech support

Today's Saturday Morning Breadfast Cereal webcomic posits a funny, notional correspondance between an unhappy Analytical Engine owner and the South Asian Technical Support Corporation.

Difference Engine Tech Support (Thanks, Pineapplecharm!)


  1. This takes me back to a very painful extended service-less interlude with a Northern Californian telecommunications provider. It was most sub-felicitous indeed, and I nearly did go mad with the frustation, to the point where it gives me pangs just to read the comic. No South Asians whatsoever were involved, incidentally.

  2. Clearly, the Difference Engine in question was manufactured by the Newton’s Apple Analytical Engine Corporation of Oxford.

  3. I go through a similar exchange about once every year or two with my ISP but The South Asian Technical Support Corporation seems to have a much better response time.

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