Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-134 launches on final mission

299716319.jpgSpace shuttle Shot this morning, at Kennedy Space Center in Florida: "Endeavour soars by its flag, flying for a last time, as the orbiter embarks on its final mission." Photo by Robert Pearlman.


  1. Shouldn’t that flag be at half mast now that we’re giving up being a leader in space flight? you know.. no quarterly profits to be had by going to space so… s-can it. The new american way.

    1. Yup Anon, the U.S. just is not a leader in space anymore, and companies couldn’t possibly profit from going into space…or could they:

      I don’t even see SpaceX or some of the other startups on there.

      It’s sad the Shuttle era is coming to an end, they were effective at getting a bunch of people and cargo in to LEO; albeit expensive. They look impressively majestic and I’ll miss launch days, especially the last few years where #spacetweeps would light up my Twitter feed like no tomorrow. I hope to see all 5 Shuttles at the various museums.

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