Studio Ghibli Minecraft world

Oz Workshop has created a giant fan-tribute to Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli, whom you'll likely know from films such as Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle, using Minecraft. The blocky Minecraft world beautifully recreates some of the most striking scenes and characters from Ghibli classics.


â–  MINECRAFT GHIBLI WORLD â–  (world files)

(Thanks, Doctoe!)


  1. Won’t we likely know it instead from Spirited Away, or Nausicaa, or Princess Mononoke?

  2. I just do not get the appeal of Minecraft. Seems like you can do the same thing, only with much,much better graphics in SL or BlueMars.

      1. Obviously, people will like anything for different reasons, but in general, it’s like playing Legos, with monsters and interesting landscapes. Multiplayer (or youtube) allows you to show off your interesting creations to others.

  3. Wow! That world is made of pure Ghiblian awesomeness! I swear I could see Calcifer lurking somewhere inside it.

  4. My kids absolutely love Miyazaki, and they love playing minecraft.

    Showing them this video about made their heads explode. “That’s Totoro!!! That’s Spirited Away!!!”

    As soon as the video was over they immediately began begging to play Minecraft on our laptops. I happily obliged.

  5. Seeing things built in Minecraft always reminds me of things done in Lego, jaggy, chunky and cute.

  6. Oh my god, this is made of pure win. I’m in love.

    I can’t imagine how much time it took to put this together. Must be hundreds of man-hours in there.

    1. You can get that back just like I will later this week. By setting up a home inside Howl’s Castle, Yubaba’s bath house, or your favorite location from Miyazaki’s films!

  7. Couldn’t be bothered w/ the silly lego nonsense, but Jo Hisaishi’s music was sublime. If you think it’s the Minecraft that’s plucking at your heartstrings, try it without sound.

    1. And if you think Jo Hisaishi’s music is the only magic here, turn off the music, download the map and step inside for yourself. Then tell us if you really think this is about the music at all. Don’t delude yourself like that, man.

  8. Reason #4,765,891,003 why I know my daughter is the most awesome kid, ever: I watched this while she was doing homework and she goes, “Are you watching Totoro? Without me?”

  9. Not a Minecraft player but my sister is and now I think I need to show it to my eight year olds. They’ve watched and we own all the Ghibli movies, they love them.

    Personally I was excited when I saw Porco Rosso’s plane. :)

  10. Go pull the world files down. Create a new world save, and then unzip the 7Mb file into that folder and then load the world up in MC. It is Fantastic. A real amount of work went into it, for sure. There are small cubby bedrooms, all over the place to hide out in, and plenty of places to call home. The gang that created this sure did a nice job. There are cart stations every where, and it is well documented with signage, on the cart destinations. I liken it as to exploring ghost towns in the old west. Kinda like an urban explorer to another world.

  11. Saw: Laputa, Castle in the Sky; Howl’s Moving Castle; My neighbor Totoro (at the beginning I think); Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi; and Porco Rosso =D
    Have you seen anything else?

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