You've been a bad, bad sysadmin


"Handcrafted Fire-Colored Cat-5 Cable Flogger," Etsy user feralswirl, a mere $10.
(via GeeksAreSexy via Jeff Simmermon)


    1. Somebody (ThinkGeek? Didn’t find it in my original search) had one called that way. Worked too, consisted of various testing cables.

    2. Probably because it has eight tails. As befitting a BOFH, of course. (16 would be acceptable, too)

      1. Looks like nine tome (one is hard to see, hidden under the cable of the fourth from the bottom). So yes – Cat5 o’ nine tails. :)

        1. Ah yes, thanks for the corrects. Bah, how old skool. Guess I’ll have to make my own, then.

  1. These have been around since the 90s. The one I have hanging up upstairs was designed so that each pair of cables had a specific (and useful) pinout. The cable with a connector on the hilt was a straight pass-through. There was a crossover cable, one set up for interfacing with Cisco kit and I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember the rest of the pinouts.

  2. I will be crafting more of these this week, in all colors. :)

    ~Paleopunk Productions
    Etsy – Feralswirl

  3. THWACK! “That’s what you get for rolling out that patch without testing it!” THWACK! “You uninstalled WHAT!!!” THWACK! “What the hell do you mean, ‘what backup?'”

  4. Am I boring because my first thought was “I bet they pulled the twists out when making that”?

  5. I see ordinary explicit porn and I think, same ol’ boring farce. But I see this picture and the fantasy module loads right away. I think my minds have been irreparably warped by technology.

  6. Well this thing has 10 tails. You can see 8 tails right away. The 9th tail ends under the 4th (counted from the bottom).
    The 10th tail is a bit tricky: If you check where the 9th tail ends and where the ripples starting on the 1st cable (counted from bottom) -> that would be a very long RJ-45 plug

    also: how would you create a 9 tailed whip when all cables wrap around at the other end..?

  7. This is actually a LART — A Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool.
    And of course, it’s applied to, but BY sysadmins…

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