CDC unprepared for Zombie Apocalypse traffic apocalypse

stockzombie.pngThe CDC's "Zombie apocalypse guide," linked yesterday by Cory, was a clever way to get people to learn the basics of disaster survival. Unfortunately, the CDC's website crashed due to the traffic, suggesting that it might need a few survival tips of its own.


  1. its unsettling to know that when enough people want to see a what to do during a ridiculous emergency; the site crashes…. what about an actual emergency? The government might as well give up their site and start handing out pamphlets

  2. Petty and childish snarky remarks. Why not focus on the novel and remarkably successful messaging that the CDC is leveraging in order to get prepared planning message out, to an audiance that would normally disregard. Hurricane season is fast approaching, Alabama was just flattened by a series of tornados. Are you prepared? Geesh.

  3. Didn’t they know that once one zombie site is made, people are attracted to it and become zombies themselves? Spreading the word of the zombie site to all their friends…

  4. Retired CDC computer specialist here. Don’t expect CDC’s websites to be available in a real crisis. Read up on how to prepare beforehand.

  5. Compared to the Catrina-fumbling CDC under Bush, this is still a hell of a lot better and more proactive.

    1. I think you mean Katrina. And I think you are referring to the
      bumbling of FEMA. The CDC did not participate to any degree in
      the Katrina debacle.

      1. Urgh. Right on both points. I blame painkillers and lack of sleep but really… I have no excuse. :(

  6. Dr. Khan was risking his reputation by warning people of zombies. He must know something.

    zombie fan m.d.

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