Friday Freak-Out: Electric Lucifer

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 Artworks-000007092565-Csc4Lo-Original Friday Freak-Out: The Electric Lucifer is a quintessentially strange electronic music/acid rock record released 1970. Composed by Bruce Haack(1931-1988), it's a concept album that employs an array of instrumentation including, Moogs, guitar, voice, and a DIY vocoder to tell an epic story of the battle between heaven and hell. Above is a track from that album. Electric Lucifer Book II followed in 1979 and Haack also recorded Electric Lucifer Book 3 I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) in rough, demo form, but it never saw an official release. Several years ago, San Francisco ambient DJ Dylan Yanez (aka DF Tram/Sound Capsule) had a chance encounter with Haack's friend and longtime manager Chris Kachulis. After getting to know one another, Kachuulis provided Dylan with access to the demos of Electric Lucifer Book 3 I.F.O., and encouraged him to mix and remix the raw material into his own vision for the final album in the trilogy.

DF Tram has just released this re-interpretation of the unreleased Bruce Haack masterpiece, Electric Lucifer Book III I.F.O., on a very limited-edition CD with original artwork by Smyle. For a taste, check out "When A Man Becomes Electric" in the player above. Dylan has been my favorite DJ for years, seamlessly mixing electronica, jazz, avant-garde, contemporary classical, and pioneering computer music into an immersive flow that's fresh, inspiring, and provocative. Electric Lucifer Book III I.F.O. is $12 on CD from Dylan's site.

Electric Lucifer Book III by Bruce Haack/SoundCapsule (DF Tram Blog)

The Electric Lucifer by Bruce Haack (Amazon)


  1. Oh, so it’s a proto-electronic freakout then? Time for some “White Noise”, “United States of America”, “Lothar and the Hand People” and, of course, “Silver Apples”.

    1. I think listening to some Wendy Carlos played at extra-slow speed may also be sufficient.

  2. The documentary is pretty interesting (saw it on the DOC channel a few years back). Haack: King of Techno.
    Also just as good is the Dimension Mix album, which contains cover of Bruce Haack songs including “Funky Lil Song” done by Beck. pretty fun stuff!

  3. Holy Cow, I have this on LP; it was one of the first albums I ever bought with my own money. I haven’t listened to it in 35 years at least, but thanks to the reminder will probably clean it up and give it a spin this weekend. It was actually popular enough to warrant digitizing?

  4. sweeet rendition of Bruce Haack by the sound capsule. the whole album is a must hear! its like a missing piece of the puzzle…

  5. OH GOd. I’ve never heard this before in my life … but it is CRACKING ME UP!!! I cannot stop laughing! Was this song the inspiration for the name of this site??

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