Steampunk music-box spider with googly taxidermy eyes

Daniel made this creepy mechanical steampunk spider with taxidermy eyes and an old music box: "I imagine this creature in a Horror/Sci-fi story where it is using the nursery melody to make their victim fall asleep before they crawl out of the darkness." It's for same in Etsy.

Steampunk Musical Spider Robot Sculpture with Taxidermy Glass Eye and Spring driven musical box -- ca. 1960 -- Frère Jacques (Thanks, Daniel!)


  1. This is pretty cool, but the photoshopped shadow underneath it is cheesy as hell. They would have had a better effect and spent less time had they simply shined a light on it.

  2. Good , i like cheese , I’m French . Seriously i dont have enough lighting in my workshop . I need a light box .

  3. A Great Piece! Daniel’s work was featured at the Oxford Museum’s Steampunk exhibition

  4. Wow. Beautiful. Btw- I’d almost forgotten what the word ‘googly’ meant in this [not yet post-] Google age.

  5. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

    That’s awesome! Why aren’t there thousands of these in some horror film yet?

  6. Smile. Say fromage.

    Now you need to make three more of these, since Frère Jacques is a “round” with four voices.

    No really, that ombre does your araignée no honor.

  7. This reminds me Red Dwarf- the ‘taranshula with an eye the size of a meatball’
    aka. Kryten’s detached hand with eyeball messenger. From the episode Terrorform:

  8. Really cool, but I would like to see one that played music and walked too if you wound it up. I like it though.

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