Comic Book Legal Defense Fund auctions massive Molly Crabapple original


Bob Self of Baby Tattoo books says, "Dr. Sketchy's founder Molly Crabapple asked me to forward this to you in the hopes you will blog about it. The auction is a fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and the art is pretty incredible."

Molly Crabapple wanted to make a huge statement about her support for Free Speech. With attacks on comics on the rise and border searches increasing, Crabapple saw a need to do her part. So, she created a monstrous masterpiece to benefit CBLDF -- a masterpiece that you can bid on!

Created during the Stumptown Comics Festival and measuring in at 8 feet high and 7 feet wide, every inch of the piece is covered with Crabapple's intricate pen work. A true participatory performance piece, it incorporates suggestions from convention attendees, from tentacles to bottles of scotch. As staggering as the dimensions of piece are, it is all the more stunning for the amount of detail Crabapple incorporated into it. "I love the energy of creating something massive surrounded by a crowd," says Crabapple, "and to feed off that energy and draw something that I love. It was an honor to make an art monster for CBLDF."

CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein adds, "As the founder of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, Molly has been an adamant supporter of Free Speech and CBLDF. She's an established name in the fine art world and a rising star in comics. It's a privilege to have her support for CBLDF, and the piece she created is nothing short of spectacular." The auction for this artistic tour de force is live now.

Bids can be placed online here.


  1. Watched the lovely Ms Crabapple draw this masterpiece at Stumptown. Great art for a great cause.

  2. Her art is doubly fantastic. And how cute is she? Wow. That’s a gaze that could kill. Be still, my comic-hungry heart.

  3. indeed. i’m somehow not too worried about crabapple’s chances of finding a boyfriend. there’ll be at least a few takers out there methinks.

    1. Wow! As if that’s any of your business.

      Why the hell is it always necessary to make comments about a woman’s physical appearance, and how hot/fuckable she is? Can’t she just be praised for her work?

      It’s OK, I already know the answer…

  4. I just saw that Thwipster also has a digital sketchpad of hers up as item of the week right now.

  5. Well, if she ever comes to Sweden, I’d love to talk about comic art with her all night long.

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