Chewbacca bento box

This Chewbacca bento box looks delicious even if the noodles "look a little chewy."

Update: This is the creation of Krista at Disposable Aardvark -- thanks s'claire!) (via Neatorama)

(Image: Uncredited/unsourced)


  1. Those are buckwheat soba noodles, they have a bit more “tooth” than your typical pasta.

    1. Those are buckwheat soba noodles

      Translated this would be either “buckwheat buckwheat noodles” or “buckwheat buckwheat noodle noodles”. Holy redundancy, Batman!

  2. Here’s what I’ve never been able to understand: is there any way these boxes look like this when they’re actually opened up at lunchtime?

    Having packed literally thousands of school lunches, I know that shifting, leaking, and outright mixing are par for the course. I haven’t found a world cuisine yet that is immune to the problem.

    All the work that goes into these sweet bento boxes, and the kid may not even recognize what it was by noon.

    1. If a kid knew that they would be able to show off a bento like this to their friends, I’ll bet you anything that they’ll take care to make sure it lasts until lunch.

      1. *chuckle*

        I’m imagining the graph: an upward-sloping line for physical dexterity and long term memory and a downward-sloping line for eagerness to show off something from home to one’s classmates.

        I’m sure there are kids under the age of 8 or 9 who would be able to carefully carry their lunch box to school such that a Wookie like this would still be recognizable…but not many.

  3. Glad you are all enjoying it. Here’s the original post where my bento first appeared: I made a different Star Wars bento every day that week.

    To answer a the question about how it looks by the time lunch rolls around? Usually exactly the same. The trick is to pack the bento with little or no free space, and to send it in a lunchbox or similar container that has a flat bottom. There have been a couple of times when one of my kids has come down sick at school and had to be picked up before lunch, and even with them tossing their lunchboxes around on the way to and from school, the bento still looked fine. It does take practice though and certain foods are obviously more likely to shift around than others.
    There have even been times when they’ve tipped one completely upside down and it still looked okay. Kinda like when you swing a bucket of water upside down, it depends on the type of motion I guess.

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