Sony Vaio S comes in brown and gold

vaioS.jpg I wasn't going to bother blogging the latest spec bump in Sony's Vaio S laptops, but then I noticed you could order it in brown and gold. The new model has a 13.3" display, a .95" thick magnesium alloy body, and an i7 processor. With the snap-on extended battery panel, it lasts "up to 15 hours" on a snort. Matching leather safari jacket and gradient sunglasses optional.


  1. Is that some blow on the top? It looks like the 80s, but that’s carrying verisimilitude a little far, doncha think?

  2. Toss on a legacy ubuntu os (the pre-purple) and you’d be good to go (aesthetically anyway). That’s assuming you have any faith in left in the troublesome manufacturer of the device.

  3. I’ll wait until they offer faux-wood panels, thank you.

    Sheesh, what are they doing for inspiration? Looking at photos of 70’s yanqui station wagons?

  4. Sony … yeah, those wonderful people who brought you root kits and compromised registration info.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I wouldn’t buy a computer from them even if they were the only manufacturer in the world.

      No more Sony for me…ever

  5. it comes straight from Ray Liotta’s Mistresses apartment in Goodfellas. but until it comes with a rehab ticket and and suitable soundtrack I think I’ll pass.

  6. Obviously this is meant to match the brown Zunes that everyone has.

    Also, I really like the lines on this new laptop. Very clean.

  7. If that were pizeoluminescent crystalline LSD-25, I’m buyin’. Wood panel colourway = awesome. Only if it’s gymnosperm, though.

  8. Does it also come with some sort of straw? Or some kind of cash rebate – as in, say, a dollar bill?

  9. The “S” must stand for “shoogah”.
    [btw, mad props to Sten for that comment, brilliant.]

  10. OK so who’s idea was the mystery white powder? If it is coke, see Inside Job 2010 for how destructive that white powder can be.

  11. I’ve gone on the Sony site, as linked, and find no such photo. There’s a similar one without the white powder — but what gives? Am I missing it?


    Is that the only think they could think about when designing a product connected to 15 hours of battery life ?

  13. i felt so cyberpunk the first time i did a line off my glossy black laptop, but crushing powder tends to scuff the finish.

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