Video comic about dark matter

Scott Underwood says: "Perhaps taking a cue from the excellent RSA Animate videos, Dark Matters from PHD Comics is a six-minute video of a couple guys (apparently recorded at the playground or something) talking about dark matter and what physicists know and don't know."

Dark Matters


  1. Hi Mark, is it jut you or is it your site in general. The last couple things you posted are getting posted 2 times. FYI.

  2. That is fantastic. I want a print comic of it but I the animation feel is beautiful. <3 PhD Comics.

    — James Ph. Kotsybar

    The universe is mostly abnormal,
    if we accept that physicists aren’t wrong
    and gravity remains uniformal,
    otherwise galaxies couldn’t last long.

    They’d spin themselves apart, unless, unseen,
    missing mass resolves the disparity.
    Dark Matter is needed to intervene.
    Though not found, it can’t be a rarity.

    “The clusters are like icebergs,” they patter.
    “Since Newton’s math holds true, it must be served.
    There’s five times as much as normal matter
    or else momentum’s poise can’t be conserved.”

    Though they’ll claim science is observation,
    that’s often tweaked to fit the equation.

  4. One of my good friends is going to work with CERN on the LHC for grad school. She’s also a physics grad from MIT. We’re sending her on her way with a crowbar in hand.

    But actually, we’re all incredibly jealous that she gets to be a part of something we all know is going to be very big.

  5. interesting that at 1:30 he basically says

    “f**king magnets, how do they work?”

  6. Luddbot activating…

    “Scientists are going to destroy the world! We’re doomed! Doooooooomed!!! Quick, stop science! Hide the elephant! Bury you’re head in the sand so the scary universe goes away!”

  7. Stellar, right up until one of the guys starts eating while speaking. Three seconds of that cringe-inducing noise, and it was over for me.

  8. Great vid. thanks for posting.

    Dark matter seems suspect to me and I wonder whether it’s not just another aether theory, and that someone will come up with another explanation that will spark the great theories for the 21st century, the way general relativity and quantum mechanics were for the 20th. Gravity isn’t constant after all?

  9. This video is too tall for my screen. I had to “F11” by browser just to be able to see it all at once.

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