"Blade Runner" behind-the-scenes Polaroids, from Sean Young


A gallery of polaroids snapped on the set of Blade Runner, from the private collection of actress Sean Young (Rachael), via Dangerous Minds.


  1. Jackpot, if they could be captured. What kind of secret coding does that gallery have?

    1. Easy if you have Photoshop or similar.

      1) Hit the Print Screen key (It’s above the Insert key)
      2) In Photoshop, File->New (The default size will be your screen resolution size)
      3) Paste
      4) Crop as you like and save.

      Yeah, it’s a tad more time-consuming than right click/Save As but you get the satisfaction of sticking it to The Man.

  2. Long lost mugshots from Sean Young’s arrest during the filming of ‘Blade Runner’.

  3. A lot of these are continuity shots for hair/makeup, but it’s pretty cool to see random casual shots of her with the crew. I used to work in film and this really reminds me of the camaraderie of that job, like no other job I ever had.

  4. Sean Young did this and “No Way Out” and then… nothing.
    (effectively.) I wish she’d been more productive.

    Rutger Hauer, too. He would pick scripts by throwing a stack
    down the stairs: the one that landed at the bottom got his

    How can they shine so brightly in Blade Runner and then do
    nothing for the rest of their careers?

    “The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.
    And you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy.”

    1. “Rutger Hauer, too…
      How can they shine so brightly in Blade Runner and then do
      nothing for the rest of their careers?”

      Are you calling ‘Hobo With a Shotgun’ nothing?

    1. I got the impression from DVD extras that Harrison Ford didn’t think much of Sean Young as an actress, which makes the photo even funnier to me. (“Yeah, I *really* want to be doing this right now.”)

  5. For not having ‘careers’ post Blade Runner both Sean Young and Rutger Hauer have IMDB pages as long as your arm. Both including lots of recent work.

    99% of actors would kill to be as unsuccessful as those two.

  6. Either Rutger Hauer likes to stay in character off-set, or he just looks terrifying all the time….

  7. Sean Young has been posting cool things on the internet for a while. Last year she posted some behind-the-scenes footage she shot herself on the set of Dune.

  8. This is great. I love behind-the-scenes candid/dorky shots from classic films. It’s always a nice and human contrast to the final product on the screen.

  9. #10 made me think: Rachel and Roy would have made a better couple. If Roy had known about her he could have tried to win Rachel to his cause and possibly gotten the life extension from Tyrell.

  10. To the trained eye, there has been a lot of pot smoking and probably some MDMA consuption behind the scenes as evident from the photographs.

  11. @Anon#12: That is exactly what I came here to post. 100% agree!! Also, the shot with Harrison Ford looks like she just lifted a spike heel into his nuts!

  12. Nevermind the photos, check out the awesome Geocities website! A total blast from the past! Loved it.

    The links to pages about 2012 and some astrological stuff make her seem a bit of a nutter, but she comes across more as a down to earth, warm person in both these photos and her home movies. She spends a lot of time with the crew and knows all their names – you don’t see as much of that from other stars.

  13. Did anyone check out her website?
    What A-list or former A-list star has a “personal” site like this?
    If her only experience had been dinner theatre, advertisements, and
    a few guest appearances on Law & Order, that site would seem
    appropriate. But she was in Blade Runner.

    It’s very loopy. It’s like it was put up as a tribute site by a
    superfan, but it’s hers apparently.

  14. Although interesting from a historical POV, it’s kind of a weirdly narcissistic collection of snaps for someone to put up. “Oh look, here’s me with Sue, we went partying every night. And me with Harrison, he was a doll! And me with a crew member, this guy was a real pistol. And here’s me again…” The one with Harrison is interesting. I’m not sure if he’s drugged up or bored. I know he says he hated working on the film, though he seems to say that about every film he’s been on.

  15. i am in love with her eyebrows.
    her hair says replicant, but her eyebrows say replican-do-howdy

  16. Her initial entrance in Blade Runner was a career-making one. I remember gasps from the theater audience the night I attended. here was no doubt her phone would be ringing for a long time.

  17. If you have Google Chrome, go to the Tools icon and open up Developer Tools. Go to the Resource tab and you can see the image listed. Then just right click and save as.

  18. So many Hollywood folk are bullshitters, I find Sean Young refreshing for speaking the truth. Here, after being asked about “her next project” she admits she’s been blacklisted:

    If she hadn’t fallen off that horse during the filming of Batman, her career might have taken a different turn.

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