Irising business card

The latest animated business-card from Cardnetics is this card with a built-in irising mechanism. The card is available as a finished product, a kit, or a Thingiverse object to download and cut yourself. It's also available in other sizes, including greeting-cards.

Welcome to Cardnetics

Iris Business Card by clide (Thingiverse)

(via Reddit)


  1. I like it. Particularly suitable for photographers, cinematographers… midwives… proctologists… mohelim…

  2. I normally love engineering for engineering’s sake, but this just looks like a solution crying out for an application where there’s no application…

    1. Tell me about it… I’m trying to convince people that selling buttonholes would be a profitable enterprise, but so far no takers.

  3. There’s lots of opportunities for irises in industry. I have not seen iris doors on cars, trucks, busses, and aircraft, tho you see them all the time in large alien colonies, warships in space, enemy bases. Really popular for cameras, obviously. I’ve seen them used for the occasional home window, but they’re not common among the hobbitfolk despite the penchant for round main doors.

  4. I feel like this would always be better if you could print something behind the iris. Or if there was a lens behind the iris.

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