The last Shuttle spacewalkers


This image, from NASA, documents the last spacewalk of the STS-134 mission, and the final spacewalkers in the 30-year shuttle program.

NASA astronaut Michael Fincke worked outside the station during the fourth and final spacewalk of the STS-134 mission, which lasted more than 7 hours. Fincke and fellow astronaut Greg Chamitoff completed the primary objectives for the spacewalk, including stowing the 50-foot-long boom and adding a power and data grapple fixture to make it the Enhanced International Space Station Boom Assembly, available to extend the reach of the space station's robotic arm.
Below, with components of the International Space Station in the view, NASA astronauts Andrew Feustel (right) and Michael Fincke are pictured during the STS-134 mission's third spacewalk.

They coordinated their shared activity with NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff, who stayed in communication with the pair and with Mission Control Center in Houston from inside the station.



  1. It’s funny, as a teenager I used to be totally enamored and obsessed ith the entire NASA space program, especially of course with the Apollo moon landings and the Mars probes. Somehow all of that interest has left me as I’ve grown into serious adulthood. I did however pick up a great book the other day on “How to Fly the Space Shuttle” – the book has hundreds of illustrations and photos of the interior of the shuttle (from the 80s) with instructions on how to fly the damn thing. It’s geared towards young adults and quite interesting

  2. There will probably be more spacewalks, but they won’t be performed by shuttle astronauts. There is one more shuttle mission left, but there are no spacewalks scheduled to take place. So this was it for station construction, it is finished.

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